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World War Z Aftermath Update 1.28 improves the Vanguard class, fixes crash issues

The developer Saber Interactive has a disorderly amount of. exhumed World War Z: Aftermath Update 1.28 Patch Notes for your viewing pleasure. This latest World War Z patch includes a number of improvements for the Vanguard class, but some fixes for crash issues and more.

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  • The vanguard no longer takes damage from friendly fire when using the shield.
  • The protection of the shield is maintained for an additional 0.7 seconds after the block or charge is finished.
  • The shield now protects against any damage coming from the front, including bomb blasts, infector attacks, and automatic tower fire (but does not protect against the gasbag cloud).
  • Base charge damage and number of kills increase. Now it kills up to 14 enemies (up from 8) and kills the Lurker and Gasbag on any difficulty.
  • Vanguard can block 3 blocks per attack (up from 2), but blocking ends after 6 kills (up from 8).
  • Finishing a block without killing anyone will no longer give out an ability charge.
  • Slightly increased maneuverability of the basic cargo.
  • Slightly increased basic walking speed in the block.
  • The impact area of ​​the shield charge has been increased slightly.
  • Slightly increased protective angle of the shield block.
  • The shield block is no longer interrupted by the ambulance’s jump attack.
  • Blocking an attacking bull just got easier, even if he isn’t aiming at you.
  • Fixed several bugs that significantly affected the usability and efficiency of the shield:
    • Sometimes the cop could grab the player while blocking or charging.
    • Under certain circumstances, the shield charge could not kill the intended number of zombies.
    • The shield did not regenerate when playing with the Looter Mutator.
    • The block ended too quickly when a player was surrounded by a crush.
    • In some cases, shield ability no longer regenerated when taking advantage of outer shell and recovery.
  • Now you can no longer get on invalid items and get stuck over the edge when charging from a height.

Vanguard perks

  • Redesigned armor-coated perk effect. Now applies 3 seconds of invulnerability when the player starts interacting with anything (10 second cooldown).
  • Swapped positions of “Eile Back Perk” and “Panzer Plated Perk” in the perk tree.
  • With the On Your Feet Perk, the player no longer loses the rest of his charge when the perk is triggered.
  • The player receives 2 charges instead of 1 for the conditioning benefit.
  • Speed ​​and distance bonus for the Long Run benefit reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • The recharge time bonus for the Linebacker prestige benefit has been increased from 0.5 seconds to 1 second.
  • The pickpocket perk cooldown has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Robust perk grants temporary health when the block ends.


  • Rats can no longer be “woken up” by zombies.
  • Rats can no longer change their target from a dejected player to their teammates when they are far away.

First person mode

  • Adjusted zoom and weapon position when aiming for more comfortable close combat.


  • Tomahawk, Fire Ax and Hammer animations are now more responsive.
  • Increased maximum ammunition capacity for Special SMG.
  • Fixed an issue where non-explosive crossbow bolts would not penetrate chain link fences.
  • Fixed several minor bugs with gun models.


  • Fixed inability to unlock the Wakizashi and Extreme Mk110 sniper rifle versions when playing private games with mutators that do not decrease rewards.
  • Fixed several bugs with gun sounds.
  • Fixed rare cases where the player could take damage and die right after a level intro.
  • Fixed “Well, what did you accomplish?” Issues. The trophy will not be awarded if all basic levels have been completed on Insane difficulty.
  • Improved responsiveness when using the medkit to heal teammates.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented the explosion effect from playing in the outro cinema of the “The Final Push” level.
  • The HUD can now display up to six worn items.
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed several connection issues.
  • Dedicated servers in Australia added.

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