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Splitgate update adds ‘Spookygate’ Halloween themed skins and map

Splitgate gets spookier for the Halloween season, with the new Spookygate update that adds new Halloween-themed skins and a jack-o’-lantern stadium map. Players can earn three new fan-made weapon skins by resolving Halloween challenges through November 1, 2021.

The stadium map has been completely redesigned and a huge holographic jack-o-lantern has been added in the center of the map. Other areas also received Halloween facelifts, from cobweb windows to blood-splattered hallways and much more. There was a bit of an issue with PlayStation users though Report crashes while playing the card has 1047 games since then fixed the problem and added the stadium map back to the rotation.

1047 Games also announced the three winners of the Spookygate Weapon Design Contest. These designs are now in the game and feature crazy Halloween looks for weapons, like a rare candy corn skin for the assault rifle and an eerie, eyeballs-covered foresight skin for the carbine. There’s even a retro-style Pixelspook skin for the gun, pixelated ghosts, and a cute “Boo!” to the weapon frame.

For improvements to Splitgate‘s Quality of Life, players can now shoot down portals on a wall that already has the same portal to adjust the position of the portal. Kill Cams will now display the killer’s banner at the top of the screen. And to top it off, 1047 has also updated the graphics for game modes and loading screens to suit the Halloween mood. Finally, 1047 Games added a new button to the main lobby that allows players to watch Splitgate Esports events via Twitch.

Previously, the studio had revealed that a single player mode for Splitgate is currently being examined. While we haven’t heard much else regarding a possible one gloriole-Style story mode, the enormous popularity of the game could be seen Splitgate grow into more than just a multiplayer shooter.

You can check the officer Splitgate Spookygate Halloween update video below:

Split gates The Spookygate Halloween event is now live and will run until November 1st when the creepy decorations and challenges are put back in the closet.

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