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Playlist: which Nintendo games we are currently playing

We’re back with our carefully curated playlist of high-rotation games for some game inspiration!

It’s been a while between playlists. We could blame the pandemic. We could blame the economy. We could even blame our parents. Let’s just say we’re sorry and move on as we’ve played some amazing games on our trusty Nintendo Switch – and older devices – and really need to share it with you. To like, at the moment.

We play everything from classic Zelda titles to Metroid Dread (of course) and hope to have some ideas to share with you, dear readers.

Check out our latest playlist below. What games are you obsessed with right now? Let us know your list of games – we promise there will be no verdict here.

Pure Nintendo playlist


  • Kakarot (Switch) – I’m playing this on Nintendo Switch for a review, but I’ve beaten the game on PS4 before. I love when my hands have the portable option, so I’m looking forward to this version … and I love Dragon Ball!
  • Skyward Sword (Switch) – I bought this game on release day, but I was quite behind and wanted to catch up before I started. Since it was a Zelda game, I knew it would take my full attention. I only love Skyward Sword for the fact that it’s the beginning of Link and Zelda’s story. Except for the camera control, everything is great so far. Right now I’ve just beaten the prisoners for the third time and I’m revisiting all of the locations to find the song segments I need. Can’t wait to beat up Ghirahim. I really hate this guy.


  • Metroid horror (Switch) – Have been playing this for the past week and exploring all of the depths of Planet ZDR. I don’t want to spoil anything for the review, but fans and newbies alike should get the Metroid Dread if they haven’t already – it’s incredibly special!


  • Gleylancer (Switch) – That was a surprise! Check out my review to learn more about a great shmup that is a bargain for just $ 6.99. Seriously buy it.
  • Metroid horror (Switch) – Like many others, I’m moving through Samus Aran’s latest adventure. It’s a slow and steady approach as my wife is playing next to me. But since I really liked Mercury Steams’ previous Samus Returns on the 3DS, I’m not surprised that I like this new Switch entry. I’m looking forward to Justin’s review.
  • Station renovation (Switch) – I got this simulation on sale and am enjoying it between review games. It reminds me of House Flipper, a title that was “much better than expected”. If you’re into ledges like this, check it out.


  • Astrien ascending (Switch) – I played this turn-based JRPG when it was still known as Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey for the iPad. I can’t remember why I lost interest back then (it’s no longer available on the App Store), but I’m certainly not losing interest in this greatly improved rebirth.
  • Long gate (Switch) – My oldest son was interested in electrical engineering. I’ve always been interested in MYST-like games. We are both trying to fight our way through this extremely challenging but quite addicting puzzle game.
  • Arc rise fantasy (Wii) – I’m not kidding. After our basement was just finished, I started hanging out down there with the Wii U while the family usually occupies the living room where the Switch is docked. I’m not going to finish this JRPG again, but I enjoy remembering the unique combat / weapons system and ridiculously awful voice acting.


  • LEGO: Marvel superheroes (Switch) – I’ve been playing this with my son lately, I love that LEGO games are super fun for both adults and kids. I just can’t resist collecting every possible stud which some people find frustrating when they just want to keep going. Hey, if Mario taught me anything, it’s collecting, collecting, collecting! But is this the best LEGO game out there? Look out for my upcoming review!
  • HIX: Puzzle Islands (Switch) – I recently reviewed this title and had a lot of fun with the perfectly balanced puzzles that are all about reconnecting cities. It’s relaxing, but satisfying, and has a very cute aesthetic.
  • Skyward Sword (Switch) – I love this game and just finished the Temple of Time. It’s not perfect, but there is something very special about it. I look forward to talking to Justin and Trev about this during a future podcast!
  • Twilight Princess (Wii U) – I revisited this classic for our next Zelda-themed podcast as we continue to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary. Playing as Wolf Link is great fun and I find Midna’s antics amusing.
  • Metroid horror (Switch) – Of course I play that – Justin can deny me otherwise. I’m really enjoying my spooky journey through the game, there are some great backdrops and creepy enemies.
  • Dr. Mario world (mobile) – OK, so there is good news and bad news. It’s just bad news, actually. My favorite mobile game ends next month. Apparently it wasn’t popular enough or anything so it’s being taken offline. The news made me sad and I lost my usual enthusiasm to play so regularly, especially since there are no more events. Why bother upgrading my doctors? In the meantime I’ve made it to level 876. RIP, Dr. Mario World.

What’s on your playlist this week? How often would you like to see our playlist? Let us know in the comments section or on our social networks.

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