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Patch Notes for Fortnite v18.21 – Fortnitemares, The Convergence, Power Leveling Returns and more

Fortnite’s Fortnitemares Update 2021 is finally here, with some big changes and additions to the game.

The convergence

The cubes have now all made their way to the center of the island, where “The Convergence” was created. According to several leakers, this new point of interest will slowly spread over 18 different phases, which will likely lead to another major map change.

Image via Epic Games

The caretaker

Caretakers are the first of Fortnite’s new monsters to make their way onto the island. Each caretaker is the size of six players and can do a lot of damage if you are unlucky enough to hit one in the game. Eliminating a Caretaker monster offers players loot that makes them “all the richer”.

Image via Epic Games

The side scythe

The Sideways Scythe was also added in today’s Fortnitemares update. Fortnite has not provided any information about the new melee weapon, but many have shared in-game footage on Twitter. The weapon appears to have multiple functions for mobility, dealing damage, and harvesting materials.

Together with the new Sideways Scythe, the Pumpkin (Rocket) Launcher, Candy Buckets and Witch Brooms have returned to the Fortnitemares loot pool.

Image via Epic Games

The Horde Rush LTM returns with rewards

Image via Epic Games

After a complete season 8-style makeover, the limited-time Horde Rush mode has returned to Fortnite. The new version of the LTM replaces the old Fiend Zombies with the new Season 8 Sideways creatures, along with the introduction of Sideways weapons to the mode. According to Fortnite’s latest blog, game mode will exit playlist rotation on November 2 at 9 a.m. ET, which is likely the date for a new patch.

The Horde Rush LTM has returned with new quests that allow players to earn rewards this season. By completing the new Horde Rush quests, players can unlock the “Thinking Juice” Back Bling, the “Cube Queen” banner and the “Cuddle Scream Leader” spray. The quests will start at the same time as the LTM on November 2nd.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnitemares 2021 gameplay trailer

The Fortnitemares punch cards & rewards

Fortnitemares 2021 also brings a new set of quests with rewards that players can earn.

Image via Epic Games

Ariana Grande has also returned to the island this year to celebrate Fortnitemares along with her own quest line and reward. By completing the Ariana Grande ‘Monster Hunter’ quest line, players will be rewarded with the new ‘All Weather Extractor’ harvesting tool.

Image via Epic Games

In addition, all Fortnite crew subscribers who complete the questline will receive an additional “Brite” style for the harvesting tool.

Image via Epic Games

Completing the new quest series “The Oracle Speaks” will reward players with the “Cube Cruiser” glider.

Image via Epic Games

Power leveling weekends return

With the v18.21 update, Fortnite’s power leveling weekends have returned. There will be two weekends to celebrate Fortnitemares, with the first beginning October 22nd at 7:00 p.m. ET. These weekends bring players a significant spike in XP earnings which helps them level up much faster.

Image via Epic Games

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