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Annies Game IQ app is getting smarter | Pocket Gamer.biz

App Annie has updated Game IQ, its market and competitive intelligence tool, and introduced new features to help mobile developers and publishers identify growth opportunities and help game developers make better informed decisions in the rapidly evolving mobile games market meet.

In the highly competitive mobile game market, developers and publishers face the daily challenge of how to best allocate their resources, from manpower to investment, in order to be successful and maximize return on investment.

Game IQ gives developers the insight and context to address these challenges, including:

  • Feature tags that allow any game to be categorized based on criteria such as class, genre, sub-genre, art style, gameplay, theme, monetization mechanisms, events, reward mechanisms, and much more
  • Determine which features drive engagement and monetization KPIs
  • Making roadmap decisions based on precisely modeled expected results
  • Discover how competitors have improved performance with feature updates
  • Benchmark performance against competitors
  • Confidently focus on the genre with the greatest potential for a new game release

Game IQ’s new features help developers and publishers overcome all of these challenges.

With a data-driven approach, Game IQ enables game developers to identify growth areas in successful genres, business models and advertising campaigns, minimize development and release decisions and create better games.

Detailed comparison engine
Game IQ’s new comparison report provides a head-to-head comparison of game / app features, including monetization mechanisms and payment methods, that allow developers to deconstruct and understand the elements of a game without having to download and play it.

This provides a glimpse into the features within a game and how they impacted game performance. Entire genres can be broken down and viewed to provide an overview of how successful games are implemented and updated before resources are devoted to a new concept.

Genre Summary Report
The global mobile games market is, in some ways, an infinite series of niches spanning an ever-increasing number of genres and sub-genres. Game IQ’s new Genre Summary Report provides great insight into this fragmented area, allowing developers to track and compare the top performing games within each genre and analyze which features are growing in popularity and offering the greatest engagement.

Feature Tag Trends Report
The new feature tag trend report enables developers and publishers to deconstruct an entire genre from the feature tag perspective without time-consuming manual research.

The report offers far greater granularity than ever before, allowing developers to benchmark games against competitors and prioritize feature development as well as explore strategic growth opportunities.

Junde Yu, App Annie’s General Manager Gaming, said, “Game IQ goes many levels deeper. It’s not just about understanding that among all core games, for example, 4x March Battle is one of the highest average earnings per average user (ARPU).

To learn more, register for a demo of the new Game IQ service.


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