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Survival Challenge 3D Strategy Guide – Get Squids Down With These Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Survival Challenge 3D is another casual game based on the success of Netflix’s Squid Game. It consists of a series of challenges from the smash hit show and if you fail you will have to go back to the beginning. Capitalism is really crazy, isn’t it?

While the challenges will be known to anyone who has seen the show, you will need some help to overcome them. This is where this strategy guide comes in. We’ve broken down the challenges and explained how to overcome each one of them.

Whether it’s your first time risking your life for tons of money or you’re an old hand, you will find something here to help. Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Survival Challenge 3D.

Red light, green light

You should stop moving when the time bar drops into the bulbous part at the bottom. Then wait for the bar to turn green again before moving. Don’t try your luck even if you are close to the finish line. Wait for the right time to move or you will definitely be shot.

Candy Challenge

You’ll need to press to start carving and then tap to keep the bar in the green. If you don’t keep it in the green you will crack the candy and fail the level. If you get the timing right, it is pretty easy to make sure the bar is always in the green so you can complete this challenge without too many problems.

Tug of war

Instead of tapping to fill the bar, you’ll have to hold it between the two orange arrows. That means knocking sometimes more and sometimes less. The arrows move randomly so you have to be on your guard, but once you understand the concept you can exit this pretty easily.


The key here is to try a few strokes to figure out the weight it will take to get to the hole. You have enough marbles to miss a few times before you’re really in trouble. Look for marbles near the edge of the hole and try to clear them away to give you an easier shot.

The bridge

The game will show you the pattern that you have to follow to cross the bridge. So, at the beginning of the level, be sure to pay attention or you will get into all sorts of trouble. Memorize the pattern and knock it out to get to the other side of the precipice.

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