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Poll: How Much of the DLC List Do You Own As Sora Comes To Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Sora Smash
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After the frenzy over the final character reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we’re now on the home stretch before Sora falls and completes the DLC and updates for the iconic platform fighter. It’s a big deal for those who have invested a lot of time and actually do money for the game while for the rest it is a bit of a hassle as to whether or not to drop money on the Kingdom Hearts heroes.

As a perspective, this scribe played the game a lot in the first 3-4 months after release but dropped out as online gaming could be quite delayed at times and, probably the bigger reason, most of the players were too good. Practice makes perfect, yes – git gud and all of that – but after a few dozen hours and a lot of fun, it was time to start playing other games. It was a great buy and is a nice part of the collection, but There was no personal motivation to return even after the multiple hunter passes and supplements were introduced.

On the flip side, however, Smash Bros. remains a huge part of the weekly schedule for many players. We have members of the NL team working in one lot Lunch break, and the excitement surrounding the characters has shown that each new addition has a large and eager audience. And why not? Smash Bros. remains an extremely entertaining game whether you are a laid back button spamming gamer or a well trained and experienced fighter.

If you’ve been all-in on the Smash Bros. DLC, you may have been back near the sale price, especially if you’ve gone into Mii costumes. In terms of main content, there were two Fighter Passes that were combined for 11 characters and their stages / music; there were much.

So what kind of Smash Bros. gamer are you? Have you fallen out like that scribe or have you been following the game’s updates and DLC over the past few years? Let us know in the polls and comments below!


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