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New PS5 update for teams adds new missions, bug fixes, and AI improvements

Gaijin Entertainment released a new one Registered PS5 update this week that adds additional missions to the new destruction mode, as well as various quality of life improvements. You can read on Registered update under.

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Missions, locations and campaigns

  • A new mission, Gorge (Destruction), has been added to the Battle for Tunisia campaign.
  • New buildings have been added to the “Gorge (Destruction)” mission in the “Battle for Tunisia” campaign.
  • Added mission options in Destruction mode, where the Axis Army is attacked.
  • The player now has time to choose a different respawn point if the current one is not available – for example due to destruction by the enemy.

Changes to the tank training mission:

  • Stages and waypoint reorganization;
  • Waypoints enlarged to make it impossible for players to miss them;
  • late recording phases moved to another waypoint;
  • Supplies are now on the way to the 2nd shooting range.

Squads and AI soldiers

  • AI soldiers are now better able to block the player’s view.
  • A new soldier training mechanism was introduced and some changes were made to the soldier ranking system.
  • You can no longer summon soldiers for bronze orders. The call for silver and gold orders remains.
  • Soldiers can now receive bronze orders for experience in combat twice as often.
  • A way has been added to level up Premium and promote soldiers to the highest rank.
  • Academy has been removed. Now the rank of a soldier can be increased directly for the bronze medal for soldiers.
  • When upgrading, the rank no longer resets the level and skill as it did in the academy.
  • When replacing the skill, the soldier level has now been reduced by one and you can choose a new skill after leveling up in battle. Retraining points are no longer awarded, but accumulated points remain and work.
  • Orders for artillery strike, player treatment and ammunition replenishment now have a higher priority than personal orders for the squad’s AI soldiers. Previously issued personal orders will be reset if the player requires any of the above requirements.


  • The Carcano Mod. 38 – Bayonet knife model has been replaced with an authentic one.
  • The Carcano Mod. 41 now comes with the Carcano M1891 bayonet. This change only affects rifles received after this update.
  • Weapon type PMH-50 was changed to mortar, now the classes “Bomber”, “Mortarman” and “Trooper” can use it.

Graphics and interface

  • Before changing the combat zone in the mission, the map will flash its new boundaries.
  • Improved reflections on water.
  • Changed anti-aliasing settings to be more intuitive.
  • The color of the player name in the kill log for group members has been changed.
  • Now the names of grenades and mines are shown in the killlog.

Other changes

  • Added tasks to daily combat task list to play battles for a specific side in the Tunis campaign.
  • The ready button in the respawn menu no longer resets when a side begins to capture a point.
  • The floating bombs of the Bf 109 F-2 have been deactivated because their opponent on the opposing team does not have them.
  • After death in a “training” mission, respawn takes place at the last checkpoint instead of at the beginning of the mission.
  • Mine in hand no longer allows you to fight hand-to-hand combat.
  • The ability to use the sieve traps in the Quarry mission has been added.


  • HDR support for XBOX added.


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in injured AI soldiers not being reconnected during self-treatment.
  • AI soldiers no longer try to get out of a ditch or, on the contrary, to get in by detours, now they get out of a ditch and enter it from the next ledge.
  • AI soldiers are now better at using cover in battle.
  • The Daimler Mk II machine gun ammunition has been repaired.
  • Fixed bugs that could prevent the radio operator from requesting artillery attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the target vehicles being unmanned in tank training, making it impossible to complete the mission.
  • Fixed a bug with the ability to change the type of the next shell in the tank during reloading.
  • The lack of the vehicle description in the hangar has been fixed.
  • Fixed visual issues in the Battle for Tunisia and Battle for Moscow campaigns.
  • Fixed angles of rotation of machine gun turrets of T-28 tanks.
  • The command sequence for a squad to use a vehicle is no longer reset when capturing a sector.
  • Repeated clicking on the respawn point no longer resets the point selection.
  • Fixed the behavior of AI soldiers chasing a grenade that was about to explode.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that could cause AI soldiers to get stuck in some parts of the location or spin on the spot.
  • Grass is now removed when digging.
  • Boys ATR and Pavesi M42 – Fixed endless ammo refills in boxes.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented a player from taking a seat in a vehicle occupied by another player’s dead soldier.
  • The calculation of damage and kill points when throwing a grenade has been corrected.
  • Fixed an inability to throw a grenade in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused icons in the vehicle menu to block the weapon name.
  • Console only: the sight will now return to its starting position after firing if the recoil is not fully compensated. This is a test change that can be reversed

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