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Back 4 blood | Game Informer Live

The new zombie co-op experience from developer Turtle Rock Studios is here, and there’s good news for fans hoping for a Left 4 Dead-themed game. While Back 4 Blood doesn’t reach the peak of its inspiration, the game stands out for throwing players into an exciting and suspenseful shooter. To celebrate the launch of B4B, we’re teaming up to defeat The Ridden live at 2:00 p.m. CT exclusively on our Twitch!

Join Dan Tack, Alex Stadnik, Marcus Stewart and special guest Kristin Williams, web designer and programmer at GI, as they take on the role of cleaners and play through as many of the four acts from Back 4 Blood as possible in two hours. We’ll test the game’s many weapons, shred the special Ridden, and explore the new addicting card system. In our review we said:

The experience clicked when I started creating courses that fit my situation. In Act 3, I’d put together enough maps to build a tank with shotguns that could sprint into the fray, mow down dozens of zombies, and run back without losing much HP, thanks to a map that gave me health when I hit mine . ended up boom shot. Another time, my team and I failed to take down a boss just to run over him when we all added a card that did 20 percent damage to the particular Ridden’s vulnerability. The more my team varied our decks and equipment, the less we had to give ammunition to each other and we became a more efficient unit. Even after facing the final boss, I still had plenty of cards to unlock and new reasons to go back to the previous levels.

If you want to enjoy our live content and get involved more, we have exclusive GI Discord that fans can use to discover games, movies, anime and so much more! Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy the stream!

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