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Brink, Gears Tactics Dev Splash Damage Announces New Sci-Fi IP

Splash Damage, the studio behind it edge and Gears tactics, has announced that it is working on a new science fiction IP.

On its website, Splash Damage wrote that it has considered its past 20 years of game development and while enjoying working with other studios on established franchises such as Wolfenstein, War gears, and Batman, the team wants to create “another world of its own” edge, Outcasts, and Dirty bomb. “

“We’re excited to announce that one of our current projects is a brand new game set in an original science fiction universe,” wrote Splash Damage. “But why do we announce without a title? Well, this is a unique opportunity to join us and have a huge impact on our next IP and help shape the future of the studio. “

In 2016, Splash Damage was acquired by Radius Maximus, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Leyou. At the time of the acquisition, Leyou was a poultry company looking to expand into the video game business. In 2020, rumors surfaced that Sony was interested in buying Leyou, who at the time had successfully ventured into the gaming industry and owned it Warframe Developer Digital Extremes. However, it was Tencent that won and now owns Splash Damage. Under the agreement, the studio will operate as an independent entity within Tencent.

“Our acquisition will allow Splash Damage to operate as an independent entity within the Tencent family while we can leverage their expertise to develop even better games as we move into our third decade,” said Splash Damage last year .

We will let our readers know when we have more information about the science fiction project.

[Source: Splash Damage]

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