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Nintendo Leaker suggests that the prices for the Switch Online expansion pack could be tied to “license costs”

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Nintendo raised the price of its new “Expansion Pack” for the Switch Online service yesterday, and if you’ve seen our reader survey on the subject, it might be a little too expensive for some.

So what’s up and why is Nintendo calculating the prices for this new add-on – with a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive games, plus access to the new one Deer crossing DLCs? According to NWR contributor and proven Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers, the “probable” reason and the “main culprit” are the license costs.

In fact, due to “low sales” and various other issues, Sega apparently wasn’t a “big fan” of the Wii Drive / Genesis library’s virtual console service this time around:

“The license cost is probably the main reason for the bold price of the NSO expansion. I heard Sega was paid very, very well. Therefore, Sega did not support Wii U VC.

The spending doesn’t stop there – Rogers goes on to note in a follow-up tweet that games on the same service would need to be licensed by other companies as well, and it all adds up! And then there’s Nintendo’s agreement with Rare and Microsoft for Banjo – Kazooie in the Nintendo 64 library …

“For Genesis NSO, titles from third-party providers (Konami, Capcom) are also licensed. The license costs add up after a while. And who knows what license agreement / agreement Nintendo had with Rare / Microsoft …”

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Image: Sega / Nintendo

Rogers has previously played a role in certain Nintendo leaks, such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and finally details of the Change OLED model before release. Do you think this is about the money? Do you think the “license cost” is the main reason for the “fat price” of the NSO expansion pack?

As always, leave your own thoughts in the comments.


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