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Call of Duty RICOCHET anti-cheat leak reaction, things are “all good”

Just a few days after the announcement of call of Duty RICOCHET Anti-Cheat, it appeared that the source code for the kernel-level drivers was leaked online. This sparked a wave of concern that the new one call of Duty Anti-Cheat, what a more fun and fair environment in. would worry War zone, would be dead on arrival. However, it doesn’t look like it call of Duty, Activision or the team behind RICOCHET are too concerned about the leaks. Shortly after reports of the leaks went live, the call of Duty Twitter has published an update from the RICOCHET team, which states that there will be controlled live tests on third parties before the start and that everything will be “all good”.

The full answer from call of Duty outlines three main points regarding RICOCHET Anti-Cheat and the leaks:

  • RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is in the controlled live test. Before we install it on your PC, let’s test it thoroughly
  • Testing involves making a pre-release version of the driver available to selected third-party providers
  • Prepare server-side upgrades for launch

The main part of this is that RICOCHET is still undergoing rigorous testing, and that includes sending pre-release versions of the driver – which is reportedly “leaked” – to selected third-party vendors to help with those testing. The certificate for the leaked source code lists him as two weeks old. Sending out the early pre-release code also helps RICOCHET identify weaknesses and loopholes in order to further develop and update the anti-cheat as promised, even before it becomes public. Even if it is cracked by bad actors, the launch version could already have fixed these weaknesses. Additionally, at the kernel level, the driver is not the full anti-cheat, which includes server-side anti-cheat measures that are worked on before launch.

In the end, call of Duty wanted to address concerns and tell the players that things are “all good”. The official Twitter account posted a follow-up tweet saying: “The reaction from RICOCHET Anti-Cheat has been wild this week. So yes, all good, ”followed by an explosion emoji.

Hackers and scammers will inevitably try to bypass anti-cheat measures, especially with a game as large as War zone. It is also in the interests of your own ill-gotten gains not to worry about anti-cheat that would scare off potential “customers” (read: fraudsters). In this case, the news of the leak seemed to be aimed not to create panic among the people who pay for it call of Duty Cheats, but the teams behind RICOCHET don’t seem too concerned that there is something to worry about.

call of Duty RICOCHET Anti-Cheat starts with vanguard on November 5th, with the kernel-level driver launched Warzones Pacific update later in the year. The driver then comes to vanguard at a later time.

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