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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: All recurring special characters


Well, that was a jam-packed Animal Crossing Direct, wasn’t it? Here at NLHQ, we’re all desperately trying to type the ten billion things that were just announced in this 20-minute showcase, and our fingers have almost fallen off.

For now, though, let’s take a look at all of the new, returning, and improved special characters for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as some of the ones we probably won’t see …

New and returning characters

With the new and improved shopping upgrade Harv’s Island, Kapp’n’s Islands, The Roost and the Happy Home Paradise DLC, many characters are returning to the world of Animal Crossing. Let’s see who has been confirmed so far:


Screenshot (7)

Ah, we already knew him, but it’s nice to finally see him meat Plumage. Who is a pretty bird


Screenshot 2021 10 15T161728.445

I can’t say we expected this, but Wendell the Walrus appears to have a Manatee relative named Wardell. It’s extremely sweet, all around and soft, like a large sea marshmallow. It seems to have something to do with the Happy Home Paradise DLC.



Screenshot 2021 10 15T162129.396

The Happy Home Paradise DLC also includes Lottie, Lyle’s niece who ran the store in Happy Home Designer, the Happy Home Academy in New Leaf, and a generally creepy (but helpful) insurance saleswoman in Wild World. He doesn’t seem to be here, however – maybe he retired like Joan to let the new generation move on. But Lottie is lovely. We can’t imagine missing Lyle.


Who is this little monkey He’s seen all over the Happy Home Paradise movies, but we’ve never seen him. A new friend ?? His name is Niko according to the new amiibo cards, and we expect to find out more soon.


Screenshot (17)

Kapp’n returns as a ferryman and takes players to new, uninhabited islands where the time of day, weather and season are different every time. That means it is much easier to catch bugs and fish if you are not in the right conditions at home!

Kappn also has a suitcase full of sea shanties to sing, which – if you go to New Leaf – contain lyrics with a surprising amount of women’s stories and that he once committed tax evasion.


Screenshot (23)

Joan and Lyle are nowhere to be seen, but Tortimer is still an old man. The former mayor and current Tortoise can be visited on Harv’s Island, where it looks like he will manage the warehouse – maybe so that you can still access the warehouse while shopping?


Screenshot (20)

Stylish, stylish poodle Harriet is returning as part of the new Harv’s Island shopping experience and bringing a few new hairstyles as well. There are 11 new styles to try out, but it’s not clear how many of them are from Harriet and how many are from the new Nook Points reward.

Spinning top

Screenshot (66)

Look, if Lloid counts as a character, then so do these singing, dancing little guys. Sure, they’re part statue, part decoration, part spooky votive, and part … plant (you have to plant, water, and grow them) but we love them and love to see them back. Plus, they’re now customizable and come in some pretty gorgeous new designs!


Screenshot (22)

The fortune telling, occasionally screaming panther is back, ready to tell you various nonsense about your future. In the past, their fortunes have affected gameplay a bit – they can make villagers like you more or less; they can lead to the player receiving more bells or rare items; but if Katrina brings you misfortune, you will be unlucky for a short time and often fall over.

Upgrades to existing special characters

Some of the special characters we’ve had in New Horizons for a while are also getting new features as part of this update!

Pretty mustache lloid?


Who is he? We’ve seen Lloid all over town – he’s raising money for various projects – but the version on Harv’s Island seems to be following in Harv’s hippie footsteps with a pretty pretty mustache. Lloid, we like this new look.



Redd now has a permanent looking art shop on Harv’s Island, which means he no longer has to wait for the infrequent visits to his creepy little boat. Hooray!



In all fairness, Saharah’s visits – especially if you have friends who will notify you when she’s on their island – seem like the most common of all special characters, but it’s nice to see she set up a shop on Harv’s Island anyway.



We love Leif’s little cart that he rolls into the square from time to time, but we missed his New Leaf shop. Fortunately, Harv has room for him too, so we can buy plants more often!

Reese & Cyrus


The couple have already been in the game as hosts of the Wedding Seasons, but now they too have returned to their old habits and help you make and customize furniture. “But I can do that,” you yell – well, the furniture that you can customize will be different and only customizable with it. For some reason. You can find them both on Harv’s Island!



Kicks can appear in the square every now and then selling shoes, socks, and bags after the Able Sisters CRUELLY took over the town’s only clothing store, but now he’s getting a chance to kick it on Harv’s Island too.

Who is still missing?

Some people have favorites that are still not in the game, and we’re not blaming them … but we probably won’t see these unless Nintendo has some surprises up its sleeve. But maybe they visit The Roost …



Isabelle’s little brother was tied to Happy Home Academy in the past – but we didn’t see him at Happy Home Paradise. Maybe the puppies failed?

Pelly, Phyllis and Pete

The three post pelicans haven’t been seen since New Leaf … and they haven’t even been mentioned in New Horizons. Then who was post?!?!


Not everyone will miss the somewhat annoying blank-faced cat who would ask you to draw on her face, but … well … she’s no longer here.

Booker and Copper

Do we really need police officers on an island paradise? No. But at least they could manage the Lost and Found as before …

Reset to default

Whether you like the angry mole or not, it would be nice to see his face again or visit him in his little underground hole.


Gracie has been almost entirely replaced by Label, so we probably won’t see her lovely long neck anytime soon.

Kapp’n’s family (Leilani, Leila and Grams)

Since we’re getting Kapp’n, maybe we will get to know his wife, daughter and mother? These three kappas ran Tortimer Island and the gift shop in New Leaf so they could return …

So there you have it – loads of new animal lovers coming to your Nintendo Switch on November 5th. Some are only available in the paid DLC, of ​​course, but let us know in the comments below what you think of the new additions, and if you really miss some of the unconfirmed ones too!


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