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Top 10 horror games you can play right now

If you ask someone what their favorite horror classic is, a good chance it is The exorcist or something like that, or extraterrestrial. If the latter is your answer, Returnal is a game for you. Though it probably wouldn’t be called horror primarily – its action-packed third-person shooter gameplay takes center stage – a couple of hours with it show that it’s deeply ingrained in the sci-fi horror that makes it extraterrestrial terrifying over 40 years later. Returnal is about an astronaut who is stuck in a time warp. She fell on an alien planet with nothing but a pistol and has to fight her way through hordes of hostile alien creatures and bosses to keep moving forward. If you die, the loop will start over, with little or no items from your previous run. Your only goal is to find out what is happening, and you do it by moving closer and closer to the thought-provoking end of the game. Returnal’s gameplay is excellent, but the horrors of the alien planet, the exotic yet terrifying atmosphere, and the secrets contained in a re-emerging and deceptively mundane house will keep you saying, “Just one more try.” Don’t expect jump scares, demons, ghosts, or simple storytelling, but similar to one extraterrestrial lives from keeping Ripley as close to death as possible practically at all times. Returnal emphasizes how lucky you are to be alive with just a pinch of health after every encounter. | Our rating

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