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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Everything We Know About the Happy Home Paradise DLC

Neither of us could have predicted it – well, okay, one of us could – but Happy Home Designer, the spin-off 3DS game that pared Animal Crossing down to interior mechanics, is being added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Called “Happy home paradise“This paid DLC is basically a spin-off of a spin-off that adds a ton of new content, mechanics, and characters to the game in addition to the free version 2.0 update (if you want to know what’s in it, take a look our summary!).

Here’s everything we know so far …

The basics

Screenshot 2021 10 15T161918.176

Happy Home Paradise is an addition to the main game in which you work in a resort that is believed to have vacation homes for overcrowded customers. The villagers will have specific requests – much like Happy Home Designer, they will have furniture that they want to incorporate into the design, or maybe a general theme that they would like to see – but it is largely up to you, the designer, too be creative.

As with Happy Home Designer, there are a number of different plots on which the holiday homes can be placed, from sunny beaches to autumn mountain ranges to snow-covered forests. You can also change the season!

Screenshot (82)

As you play, you’ll unlock more design options that you can use at home. Villagers on your island might even request your services for their homes …

The important thing is that if you buy the DLC through the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and later cancel the subscription for any reason, you do not lose access to the new furniture, partitions, lighting, soundscapes and counters. However, you will no longer be able to visit the archipelago, but if you re-subscribe to the DLC or purchase it separately, you will regain access.

Screenshot 2021 10 15T162114.155

Here are the brass nails for you:

  • Pre-orders for the DLC will begin on October 29th
  • The release date is November 5th, as is the free update
  • The DLC alone costs $ 24.99 / € 24.99 / £ 22.49
  • The DLC is included in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which also gives you access to N64 and Mega Drive (Genesis) games, and costs $ 49.99 / € 39.99 / £ 34.99 for a year or £ 79, $ 99 / € 69.99 / £ 59.99 for the Family Pass
  • You can access Happy Home Paradise content through the airport by telling Orville that you want to go to work.
  • It’s completely optional!

New content

Happy Home Paradise focuses on creating beautiful, lightly themed vacation homes for characters looking for something specific. There is a lot of new to discover for this purpose:

New characters

Screenshot 2021 10 15T162129.396

Wendell the Walrus appears to have a distant cousin: Wardell the Manatee, who appears to run the shop at Happy Home Paradise HQ. He’s adorable and we love him.

There’s also Niko, the cute little monkey who wears the HHP uniform, so let’s assume he’s helping Lottie too.

Design outdoor spaces

Screenshot (91)

Similar to Happy Home Designer, you can use HHP to decorate your customers’ gardens. You can put pretty much any furniture outside and fence in a small front yard as well.

Design facilities

Screenshot 2021 10 15T161857.260

Again, like Happy Home Designer (sorry, we will say that often), you can design facilities: schools, theaters, restaurants and more that actually come to life when your villagers perform various tasks in them – presumably determined by the elements that Add them to the rooms. How cool is that

Change the weather, season and time of day

Screenshot (92)

Your house looks cute, but it would look cuter in the spring, don’t you think? Or maybe a beautiful summer sunset? Your wish is the command of Happy Home Paradise, because you can change the time of day and season to bring your craft to best advantage.

Embiggen room

You can resize your clients’ homes (within reasonable limits) to match your great designs. You’d think they all want the biggest house, but no. Sometimes small is cute!

Partitions, counters and pillars

Screenshot (97)

This one will leave some of you weak in the knees: partitions can be added to divide large rooms into mini-rooms; Counter height can be changed; and pillars are completely aesthetic but divide the space up a bit in an interesting visual way.

Light levels and soundscapes

Screenshot (98)
Screenshot (99)

If it’s more of a ~ vibe ~ you’re aiming for with a design, try lowering the lighting level, making it a little softer and warmer, and adjusting some ambient noise.


Screenshot 2021 10 15T161708.210

Admittedly, that’s a bit strange. You can “buff” pretty much any piece of furniture, which sometimes gives it an extra effect. The pendant featured sparkling furniture and butterflies flying around certain things, like plants.

Poki. earn and spend

You are paid in Poki for your home decorating work that can only be spent in the Happy Home shop. Seems a bit like Scrip to be honest – but the furniture you can buy at Poki is “rare” so we can probably overlook them this time around. We just really hope Wardell and Lottie aren’t exploitative bosses.

Take the new content home with you

Once you have enough houses remodeled, you can bring all that furniture and new stuff back to your island for use in your homes and even …

Renovate the villagers on your island

… other people’s houses. Once you are a reputable designer, maybe your villagers will finally find out they have terrible taste and will ask you for help. WELL.

Series 5 amiibo cards

Screenshot 2021 10 15T162224.014

Series 5 will add 48 new amiibo cards including … new villagers! And some returnees who we haven’t seen in a long time or who previously only appeared in the Japanese Animal Crossing games (in bold). Let’s list them:

  • Sascha (rabbit)
  • Ione (squirrel)
  • Tiansheng (monkey)
  • Shino (antelope)
  • Marlo (hamster)
  • Petri (mouse)
  • Cephalobot (robot / octopus)
  • Quinn (eagle)
  • Chabwick (penguin)
  • Zoe (anteater)
  • Ace (bird)
  • Rio (bouquet)
  • Frett (dog)
  • Azalea (rhinoceros)
  • Roswell (alligator)
  • Belief (koala)

So there it is! The first paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Quite a lot of content for only $ 25 – but maybe not what everyone was hoping for! Let us know your thoughts in the usual place.


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