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Splice the abominations of your dreams in Let’s Build a Zoo This November

The whimsical Let’s Build A Zoo opens its doors to enterprising zookeepers on November 5th. The game gives you the keys to your own shelter, which you can take in several directions. Whether you’re promoting conservation, turning it into a soulless money machine, or inventing brand new creatures using a gene splicing mechanic, Let’s Build A Zoo is there for you.

This silly title allows you to construct and design enclosures, buildings, and other infrastructure to house your furry attractions and entertain guests. Although it looks simple, layers of systems allow for a deeper level of play and lots of customization, including a moral system. Kind-hearted players can take good care of their animals, promote the environment, and even save some species from extinction. Those who prefer to go on the dark side can exploit critters by building factories that will squeeze as much money out of them as possible.

The other standout feature of the game is the splicing of genes. Do you find simple old giraffes boring? Mix his DNA with a bat, for example, and see what you get. The game offers over 300,000 possible combinations of animals; maybe your zoo can present you exclusively terrible mistakes Wonder of life. Let’s Build A Zoo is coming to PC via Steam for $ 19.99.

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