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Play a cat detective in Inspector Waffles, available now

We had bird detectives in Aviary Attorney, Aliigator detectives in Later Alligator, mouse detectives in Basil the great mouse detective, and now cat detectives in Inspector Waffles. Is there something sinister about the animal kingdom that investigators would need for all of these creatures?

We’ll try not to bother too much about this question as we watch Inspector Waffles’ Murder, Mystery, and Crime Story, in which Waffles has to figure things out before curiosity kills the cat. By that we mean him. Because he’s a cat.

Inspector waffles
Image: Goloso
Inspector waffles
Image: Goloso

The game has a 10% starting discount through October 20th, but typically costs $ 13.99 / € 12.99. There is also a physical edition available from French publisher Red Art Games, although currently only the PS4 version can be pre-ordered.


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