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Nintendo recommends trying out some games on the Switch OLED model

Persona 5 striker
Image: Atlus

The Switch OLED has been on the market for a week now, and while everyone has tried their own favorite games to see how colorful and vibrant the display is, Nintendo has made its own recommendations on what to play on this device.

It’s an interesting selection Persona 5 striker, Eastward and the more recent ones published Tetris Effect: Connected. While you may have already played the new version of Tetris on the system, it may be worthwhile to follow Nintendo’s advice and check out these other “vivid graphics” games:

@NintendoAmerica – Fancy brighter colors and great adventures on your new #NintendoSwitch – OLED model? Check out these games!


Another game worth checking out is the new version from Nintendo Metroid horror – which is as good as possible in terms of a starting title for a new model system. We praised it in our test and awarded Samus’ latest excursion with an excellent 10 out of 10 stars.

You may also want to try some games with poor light settings, such as: Dark souls and even DOOM 3to see another side of the OLED display. Then there are more colorful games like Goals 2 and Super Mario Odyssey.

Have you already played any of the above games on the Switch OLED? Which games did you really notice on the new display? Leave a comment and your own recommendations below.


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