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Musical traffic game Mr. Traffic wins the very first Big Hypercasual Pitch | Pocket Gamer.biz

It feels like forever since we started doing digital pitches in response to the global situation.

However, despite the circumstances that made this move necessary, our digital pitches have only gained strength. This has enabled us to host an ever-growing selection of various brand new game experiences from some of the most exciting indie developers in the world.

Most recently, it meant holding our very first Big Hypercasual Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital # 8, sponsored by Sunday and Kwalee. An event we hosted to celebrate this unique and growing area of ​​the mobile game industry.

As always, the competition was extremely tough, all 10 games were received very positively by the judges in the final round of the jury selection. Nevertheless, the judges finally agreed on the top games from the pitch.

That winner was Mr. Traffic, a musically charged traffic management game from former Big Indie Pitch winner Dumpling.

For those who don’t know, The Big Hypercasual Pitch is an event from the makers of PocketGamer.biz. It gives indie developers the opportunity to showcase their speed dating style games in front of industry experts and journalists. Teams will have the opportunity to get valuable feedback on their games and win great prizes such as promotional packages and ways to promote their game.

All the madness from our last Digital Big Hypercasual Pitch.

Of course, Mr. Traffic was the winner as you already know, but if you’re interested in learning more about not just Mr. Traffic but our runner-up from The Big Hypercasual Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital # 8 then just keep reading.

1st place – Mr. Traffic from Dumpling

Mr. Traffic is a brand new one-touch arcade game from former Big Indie Pitch winner Dumpling. Inspired by Chinese traffic managers, in this game the players have to tap the cars to guide the traffic musically and avoid car accidents. This may sound simple, of course, but when the cars turn into dinosaurs and ghosts and procedurally generated traffic events take place, the difficulty quickly increases.

Nonetheless, thanks to these crazy events, in addition to the fun and easy gameplay, Dumpling made sure that not only mistakes are fun, but that you want to get back into the action right away. Plus, with leaderboards, achievements, the ability to tilt the device to explore, and more planned, there’s more than enough to keep players conducting until their musical masterpiece becomes a reality.

2nd place – 3D reconstruction – puzzle by LIVA Interactive

In this 3D Rubix Cube inspired puzzler, players have to master simple mechanics to make the 3D models complete. That, of course, means pulling, twisting, twisting, and some smart thinking to see what was once hidden.

In total, the game should contain a wealth of other features and 50 hand-made challenges with increasing levels of difficulty. As such, this simple and intuitive casual puzzler promises more than enough to keep hypercasual and casual puzzle fans alike happy.

3rd place – Dance Army by JollyLabs

Dance Army is a fun hyper-casual game in which players have to become dance coaches before leading the skilled to great success and hilariously punishing those with poor skills. Full of comedy and personality, this game promises to bring something new to a very busy market thanks to the fun and refreshing concept that lies at its core.

Would you like to showcase your exciting new game? We host big indie pitch events all year round. So be sure to check back often on our upcoming events page at BigIndiePitch.com.


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