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Lotus Reverie: The first Nexus is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Lotus Reverie is a visual novel that focuses on time management. In a limited time, you will forge connections with fellow survivors who will uncover the secrets of these worlds hideouts in this survival game that only leaves one pair. Suddenly one day the incident occurred in which almost all of the citizens disappeared in an unknown manner. In the midst of the chaos, two big changes broke out in her life: First, tulpas were created. These beings look and act like any person, however, they are born through the subconscious of another human called the host, and their life is interrelated in several ways: although tulpas look human, they cannot die in the normal way, but, in return their lifespan is very limited. When the human host dies, so does the tulpa, and vice versa. It is for this very reason that they are forced to cooperate with each other if they are to stay alive. The only way to extend its lifespan is to fight and kill another tulpa and its host in a duel. This is the only moment when a tulpa loses its immortality and becomes vulnerable. Second, a huge monolith appeared in the center of the city, rising as high as the eye can see. Six rules are inscribed in the monolith, which make only one thing clear: only a person and his tulpa will survive. The protagonist of this story is Cinque, a girl without memories who appeared in front of the castle one night. Barricaded inside is an alliance of survivors who help each other from external dangers. As the newest member to join the castle, Cinque begins her own daily life, trying to find out more about the incident, her castle mates, as well as her own life and memories, many of which manifest as strong hallucinations that mark the line between fantasy and reality. Cinque will be able to decide at any time what to do while she is enjoying the happy and peaceful life in the castle, but she has to be careful: as peaceful as everything may seem, everything can be destroyed at any moment. Prepare for what is to come as you try to remember who you are. Cinque will decide which scenes will be played. She can play main scenes to advance the story, play secondary scenes to get to know the other characters better, explore the world to learn more about the world, or train or learn to increase the number of skills or spells she can use in Fight can begin. Your actions and decisions will allow you to regain your memories as you progress, unlock new fighting styles and spells, and uncover the lore and secrets surrounding the incident. But be careful, over time the tension in the castle increases and if it gets too high, the game is over. Try to regain as many memories as possible and meet as many other characters as possible in a limited time. However, there will be times when you will be forced to fight and you will have three different ways to experience it. Novel mode: for those who just want to enjoy the story. Read the battle and don’t worry about training or studying to improve your skills. Battle mode: for those who prefer to defend themselves. Enjoy the new minigame Parallel Strategy System and make sure that you train and study hard to keep up to date. Mixed mode: for everyone who wants to experience everything. You will play the battles and read them after winning. The new Parallel Strategy System is a turn-based strategy combat mini-game in which the rounds take place simultaneously. Both you and the enemy AI will select your moves in advance and then when you are ready your units will move on their own according to your previous plan. Plan ahead and try to guess your enemy’s behavior. The story has all the clues you need to be successful in battle and survive one more day.

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