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Hundred Days is a winemaking simulator now available on the Play Store

Have you always wanted to own and run your own vineyard? Well 100 days is probably the next thing you will accomplish. It is an in-depth simulation game where you grow, ferment and sell your own wine.

It is based in part on the experience of lead designer Yves Hohler, who not only co-founded the developer Broken Arms Games, but also runs a wine business. That’s a level of authenticity that you can’t get in many other tycoon games.

Aside from managing your time and resources, there’s a story here that interests you. In the game, you will go through every step of the winemaking process and build your business from the ground up.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of wine and grapes, there is an in-depth and fascinating business building game here. There is strategy here, as well as planting and crushing.

Hundred Days is available for download now on the Play Store – you can download it by clicking here. It’s a premium game and costs $ 5.99, which seems like a fair price for a deep and engaging simulation.

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