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Exclusive look at the driving and auto battle in Saints Row

Many of you asked for action-focused footage after our last Saints Row cover video was released, and we’re excited to finally be honoring that request. Today we’re showing an exclusive first look at the rebooted reboot driving system, which includes new auto combat options! I played a build of Saints Row for several days last month and it has been a pleasure maneuvering the Santo Ileso vehicles. I’m never the biggest racing fan in the room, but this reboot offers a delightful arcade racing experience that reminds me of my soft spot for series like Need For Speed ​​Underground, Grand Theft Auto, and even the earlier Saints games.

The game features a lot of driving mechanics we’ve seen in other games, like drifting, speeding up certain vehicles, and gun blindfire, but one of my favorite additions is the ability to surf on vehicles. You can skip the steering wheel while soloing and let the natural momentum of your car carry you away as you fire your favorite assault rifle at unsuspecting enemies, or you can ride upstairs while a co-op partner drives the vehicle. If the car has enough speed to surf, you can even extend your wingsuit and take off straight into the sky, which feels amazing when you take it off. You can even land on another car when you’re ready to go back to earth.

Please note that this Saints Row gameplay is pre-alpha footage from Deep Silver and is a game that is still in development.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out our exclusive Saints Row coverage hub, read our 12-page cover story about the game with a digital or print subscription, and subscribe to the Game informer YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of our exclusive gameplay videos.

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