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Basketball Odyssey Review – Not Quite a Slam Dunk

Basketball Odyssey is a fairly simple hoop shooting game. You have a set number of balls to complete each challenge. There are ten challenges in one level. Hit every shot and you will unlock the next level.

You drag across the screen to aim and amplify your shot, and there’s an easy-to-understand indicator that shows you the direction the balls are going and how strong your throw will be. However, there is no inclination to the line, which can make for a rather challenging and fiddly game.

You earn coins from shots on goal and more for landing a perfect basket. You can then spend those coins on additional balls for your next run. For example, if you have three balls, you will get three tries with each shot. Miss them and you can watch a video to get another ball or do all over again.

Again, there are daily challenges that require you to clear a certain number of shots for a decent reward. You can practice this as often as you want, but when it comes to the real thing, you only have one try. This can lead to quite tense moments when you take a shot with your last ball to keep going.

Basketball Odyssey wants to be a calming, easy experience, but in practice it can be quite frustrating at times. The controls can be a little fiddly, and sometimes the slightest movement of your finger as you raise it to fire can send the ball blasting away from the basket for miles.

The game definitely looks pretty, with chunky pixel graphics and gorgeous, pastel colored backgrounds that range from polished sunsets to weird, alien skies. It’s definitely nice to look at, but if you screw up a shot, it doesn’t help much to reduce the murmur.

Basketball Odyssey is mostly entertaining and worth seeing just the gorgeous pastel backgrounds. Just be aware that sometimes it annoys rather than pleases.

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