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The Senna Forever expansion will be released on October 20th – PlayStation.Blog

Ayrton Senna was a legendary Brazilian driver who changed history – his name is still considered one of the most famous racing drivers of all time.

So what better way to honor your memory than having a Brazilian-made PS4 game relive its steps in a nostalgic, arcade-style racing game? 😉

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever is the game’s biggest expansion yet, featuring a whole new line of cars, tracks, and features inspired by Senna – thanks to the partnership and support of Senna Brands, by the way. Some of the profits from the expansion will also be used to support the Ayrton Senna Institute’s educational programs, isn’t that amazing?

But let’s get to the fun part: racing! The trailer below shows just a little bit of everything we’ve packed for you, check it out!

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever Expansion Comes October 20th

Career mode? Championship mode? Success system? New exclusive skins? Multiplayer? You name it, we have it. If you’ve heard a familiar tune in this trailer, your ears are right too, as it was composed by our dearest Barry Leitch, the same composer for the main game’s soundtrack. The expansion also offers bespoke new tracks for you!

Imagine taking on the role of such an amazing driver, especially when it comes to the first person gameplay. That is exactly what you do in Senna Forever’s Career Mode. There are five different chapters, each with a certain number of races from his life that you must go through – oh, there are also his own achievements, which we call Senna’s Marks, that you can complete here as well!

Oh did I mention that completing this one will give you a cool narrative screen like the rain master? Yes! Senna was known as a rain champion because he was so good at the race in this weather – will you? Let’s find out!

With this brand new first-person view, an exclusive feature of this expansion, you can feel the heat of the moment from inside a cockpit for the first time in Horizon Chase Turbo.

Typically, in Horizon Chase Turbo, you have an assortment of cars to choose from. Only this time you’re Senna, so you use cars that are inspired by those he drove. In order to maintain the strategy, there is a new mechanic that you need to focus on before each game: Enhanced Tires, Advanced Aerodynamics or Special Fuel.

Naturally there are also new cars coming! There are 6 new cars in Career Mode and 34 different other playable cars to choose from in Championship Mode. Lust, right?

If you are concerned about the replayability of this game, Championship mode is for you. There are 18 different teams to choose from and more than 30 cars to unlock. There are three categories depending on what type of challenge you’re looking for, plus random participants, routes, and weather so you never know what to expect.

Do you remember when we were kids all sitting on the couch together to play? That was great, wasn’t it? We think so too! That’s why you can play Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever with up to four local players, including random material from championship mode.

Are you excited? Because we definitely are. As you read this, we are thinking of new challenges to keep the game going for a long time, so stay tuned to find out more.

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