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The dark secrets of Brewster’s “Pigeon Milk”

Dark secrets of pigeon milk
Image: Nintendo

Brewster is finally coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Gamers have been asking about Brewster for ages, like in this one clip from The Mandalorian where Werner Herzog says “I want to see the baby”, only instead of “baby” it is “adult bird barista”.

However, for a significant number of ACNH players, this is their first Animal Crossing game – meaning they have never met Brewster. And that means that they have never been offered pigeon milk in their coffee.

Let’s turn it back a little. Brewster’s name is obviously a play on “Brew,” as in coffee, and “Rooster,” as in a male chicken. Brewster is not a male chicken – he’s a Blue Rock Dove, according to the Animal Crossing Wiki, which is the chic name for your bog-standard city pigeon. You know the one: the gray, head-rocking guy who haunts parks and cafés around the world. That’s the guy you want to make your coffee, right?

Of course, Brewster stands above his flying rat brothers because he has chic facial hair and a bow tie that sets him up as one Upper class Dove. He wears no shoes, but an apron.

Brewster runs The Roost, his cafe in previous Animal Crossing games, where the music is kind of sultry lounge piano and the seats are occasionally filled with villagers and even special characters like Tom Nook and Resetti. There is an entire mini-game in New Leaf where the player can take a part-time job serving coffee in a special uniform, with a reward from coffee beans for good performance.

But the best part of Brewster’s existence is a rare occurrence. Coffee is his main way of communicating with people, you see, and otherwise he is pretty taciturn – but every now and then he will offer you a shot of pigeon milk with your coffee.

Trivia: Brewster's birthday is October 15th ... that's the Animal Crossing Direct date where we'll learn more about The Roost
Trivia: Brewster’s birthday is October 15th … that’s the Animal Crossing Direct date where we’ll learn more about The Roost (Image: Nintendo)

It’s easy to assume pigeon milk is just a funny Animal Crossing joke, because Of course Pigeons have no milk. They are birds, not mammals. They don’t even have nipples! But as it turns out, this pigeon milk is possibly Brewster’s special way of saying he is Likes She.

You probably already knew that birds choke up their food to feed their babies, but did you know that it is actually called “harvest milk”? It is a secretion that comes from the lining of their digestive tract and is known as “pigeon milk” in pigeons and pigeons. When these birds eat food, some of it is stored in a small pouch in their throat, which they can then scream out as food for their loved ones.

You may think that you are definitely not want pigeon milk in your coffee – and especially not after reading the Wikipedia description as “a semi-solid like pale yellow cottage cheese” – but what if it’s a token of Brewster’s affection? After all, harvest milk is only available when a bird has babies, which means Brewster sees himself as a somewhat feathered father figure. Alternatively, he tries to supplement your diet, as pigeon milk is high in protein, fat and antibodies.

Anyway, The Roost is coming to Animal Crossing, and that means Brewster’s cottage cheese secretions are also coming. You have been warned.


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