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Square Enix is ​​pulling ‘Final Fantasy 9’ from the App Store after it wasn’t playable for months, a fix is ​​being worked on – TouchArcade

In 2016, Square Enix released a fantastic version of Final Fantasy 9 ($ 20.99) for iOS. Final Fantasy 9 has been ported to almost anything in the past few years from a game that was never released on any other platform. There’s even a Nintendo Switch version, which unfortunately isn’t as good as the other platforms. As with Square Enix and iOS updates, Final Fantasy 9 had problems in the last few iOS versions as far as I can remember, starting with iOS 14.5. Since then the game has been unplayable and has not worked since then. Square Enix has now pulled it from the App Store. The good news is that Square Enix has confirmed that it is “urgently” working on a fix. The company also says this could take some time. Square Enix has had a few cases in the past on iOS where a game was broken long before a resolution came in. The world ends with you is the best example of this.

If you own Monster Hunter freedom united for iOS this game had the same problem as Final Fantasy 9 where it was not playable on iOS 14.5 and higher. Unfortunately, Capcom has confirmed beforehand Monster Hunter freedom united is no longer supported. Square Enix really needs to better support its premium games on iOS. Several great Square Enix premium ports just made it to iOS and Android this year, and it’s a shame there is uncertainty as to whether these will work in a couple of years. You can’t expect people to keep buying these premium ports without realizing if they’ll work beyond an iOS and iPadOS version. Either way if you’re wondering what’s wrong with Final Fantasy 9 on iOS it will be back at some point. Hopefully it doesn’t need to be deleted again in the future. Final Fantasy 9 on iOS was my preferred portable version of the game and I hope it returns soon. If you didn’t get it on iOS and are wondering what the port is like (or was it before it was removed from the list), check out Shaun’s review here. Did you buy Final Fantasy 9 on iOS or did you play it on something else?


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