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Ricochet Anti-Cheat is the new Call of Duty Warzone cheat solution

“Cheating in call of Duty is frustrating for gamers, developers and the entire community. ”The many teams of people at Activision, Raven, Sledgehammer and everyone else call of Duty Developers know that cheating is a plague for everyone. After years of efforts to combat the problem, Activision has now developed its entirely in-house call of Duty Anti-cheat solution: RICOCHET Anti-Cheat.

Starts with Vanguard on November 5th and then in War zone With the Pacific update later this year (expected around November 30th / December 1st when the countdown to the 6th on fighting unfair gaming. “They call it a” multi-layered approach to fighting fraud, “the server-side Uses analytics and tools that identify fraudsters.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat’s server-side improvements are further enhanced by another part of the system: a new kernel-level driver for PC gamers that ensures that they play fair and monitor any applications that might attempt to adjust the game settings change code. It was made entirely internally specifically for the call of Duty Franchise and starts with Warzones Pacific update. It comes to vanguard at a later time. They point out that the driver is specifically designed to prevent cheats for PC gamers, it will benefit console gamers who play cross-play against PC gamers.

This kernel-level driver only works while gaming War zone on the pc and turns off when War zone is shut down. It monitors software and applications that are using Call of Duty Warzone to ensure that they do not make any overlays or modifications that would give other players an unfair advantage and thus spoil the gaming experience for other players. They have been tested for performance and stability on a variety of PCs and will continue to iterate after they are introduced. This driver is required to play War zone (after release) and will be installed automatically as part of the Pacific update with no user intervention. As it is associated with the War zone Game files can only be uninstalled from the driver by completely uninstalling Warzone. Reinstalling the application includes the driver at the kernel level.

Additionally, Richochet Anti-Cheat is designed as an ever-evolving system that uses feedback and player reports, manual input from the Ricochet teams, and machine learning about the kernel-level driver to detect suspicious behavior and stay one step ahead of scammers. The different parts of RICOCHET Anti-Cheat – server-side detections, kernel-level drivers, player reviews, staffed by a full team, and constant development – should create an environment where overall gaming feels much fairer, with one call of Duty Anti-cheat that is more proactive than reactive.

At the moment it looks like this War zone and vanguard are the only games Ricochet Anti-Cheat is supposed to implement, but it is assumed that it will be part of every new version call of Duty Release forward, especially when Activision is using the War zone Integrations for each annual version. More information about Ricochet will be available in the coming weeks prior to its launch as part of War zone and vanguard.

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