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Popular Girls Strategy Guide – Be Queen Bee With These Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Popular Girls is a game about becoming a popular girl. The reference is in the title with this. There are a number of challenges you have to overcome and a number of decisions to be made, always making sure that your popularity rating is rising. Because these things are deeply important.

And because they’re SO important, we thought it would be a good idea to write you a guide. These strategies have served us well during our time at Popular Girls, and we assume that if you follow them, you will become the beauty of the ball. Or school. There are no balls.

It really doesn’t matter if you are new to popularity or have been around for a while, you will find something here that will take your rating even higher. So let’s do that – here are the best hints, tips, and cheats for Popular Girls.

Bad behavior is popular

For the most part, when there is something cruel or reckless about choosing your action, this is what you should do. Bad behavior is the quickest route to popularity. So whenever you get the chance to be mean, always take advantage of it. What a terrible paragraph to type.

Remember the levels

There are a finite number of levels and they eventually repeat themselves. Once you complete one, remember what you did and the next time you will be in a better position to succeed. Some of them seem a little out of place – like when repairing pipes, for example – but keep them in mind and you’ll be fine.

Never leave the room

If your choice is to leave the room, don’t take it. Leaving the room usually leads to crying, and as everyone knows, if you want to be popular, you have to express honest and difficult feelings. That’s in the game. Always cry in real life.

Green is good

At some levels, you need to perform simple tasks. You can usually tell when you’ve completed them as a ring will turn green. If it does, move on to the next object and work on it until it turns green. Rinse and repeat is the name of the game here.

Books are never popular

There are a few challenges where you are trying to gain popularity. You should avoid picking up the books in these sections as reading books suggests a desire for knowledge and personal growth, things that cool people disapprove of. Instead, get the hearts and continue your indoctrination.

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