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How to refund cosmetic items in Fortnite using return requests

Fortnite Season 8 has changed the way players earn XP, and it makes leveling up the traditional way quite difficult. This allows players to level up quickly and reach level 100 in no time.

At the beginning of each season, your player level in Fortnite is reset to 0. Players strive to get back to level 100 as quickly as possible. However, it can be quite a chore to earn all of that XP.

Level 100 is even more tempting for Battle Pass owners. Reaching level 100 and beyond rewards BP owners with tons of cool cosmetics. And there’s a pretty quick way to level up in Fortnite Season 8.

At the start of Season 8, players spent tens of hours in Impostors mode collecting tons of XP. Now that the Impostors mode has been reworked, there are a few other ways to earn XP quickly.

Level up in Fortnite Impostor mode

Fortnite’s Impostor mode was the easiest and fastest way to level up in Season 8. However, the number of XP players that players can earn using the mode has again been cut in half. However, that doesn’t mean players can’t still use the mode to level up.

You can play Impostor mode in public lobbies to earn XP, but it’s a lot easier to level up in private lobbies. You need at least four people in your party to play a private game. Here are the amounts of XP you can earn for completing Actions:

Agents & Fraudsters XP

  • Do tasks as an agent – 1,000 XP
  • Play a game – 500 XP
  • Spend time playing matches – 350 XP
  • Complete a game – 1,000 XP
  • Win a game – 1,000 XP
  • Perform sabotage as a con man – 500 XP
  • Eliminate Agents As Scammers – 500 XP

Some of the above tasks are multiplied by the number of things you have to do. For example, for every task or player killed, players are rewarded with the specified amount of XP. With a group of four, the scammer can get the Peely party Sabotage while agents are doing chores.

Fortnite cheat game mode

Filling out weekly / daily punch cards

There is also the more traditional way of earning XP by completing weekly challenges. Fortnite Season 8, however, has completely changed the way the weekly challenges work. Instead of being given quests at the beginning of the week, players have to interact with the NPCs on the island.

There are currently 23 characters on the island and each will give the player five different quests. Players can and can earn between 80,000 and 150,000 XP on each character 2.11 million XP by completing all 23 Quest punch cards.

There are also daily and weekly punch cards that offer minimal XP. By completing the character punch cards, the weekly and daily punch cards are also completed.

Repeatable quests for XP

Epic Games also announced that it would make changes to the Season 8 XP system and it has prevailed. All repeatable quests players get from NPCs have significantly increased their XP.

Repeatable quests are the simple tasks players get when they talk to NPCs on The Island. These are not the same as punch card quests and can be repeated an infinite number of times to earn XP.

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