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Epos H3 Hybrid put to the test – is it worth the upgrade?

We have already tested the Epos H3 – you can find it here – but now the Epos H3 Hybrid is coming, which has a slightly higher price. £ 149 compared to £ 109 to be precise.

But does it offer enough to be worth the extra cash for gamers looking for a new headset at a reasonable price? In short – yes.

Right off the bat, there are noticeable improvements, especially Bluetooth connectivity and a detachable microphone. These supplements seem obvious enough, but they are very welcome indeed.

This is on top of the solid build quality EPOS has achieved with most of its products so far. It’s also significantly smaller than most headsets in this holder.

However, what may be a minor issue with this is the ear cups – which we identified one of our employees with having minor issues. They weren’t the perfect fit for her and were a bit tight. Not enough to make them uncomfortable, but it was palpable.

In terms of the technical data, the hybrid is a bit misleading. It actually has a smaller frequency response than the H3, but you can never tell. The sound is clean and we could be heard loud and clear through the microphone (which is much slimmer than the H3 – another smart design change). We played a number of tracks and enjoyed thumping bass and excellent clarity from the hybrid.

The controls on the device itself are simple but work well, with a volume control on the right cup and a power / pairing button on the left.

The hybrid in the headset’s title comes from how it can be connected to your system. There is a standard 3.5mm cable option, but also a USB input for PC / Playstation users and Bluetooth for wireless connection. All three worked fine for us, the USB option gives you access to the nice, but maybe a little redundant (for most) EPOS Gaming Suite audio.

There is also an internal DAC, which means that the audio quality will remain constant no matter how you plugged the headset in.

And that’s ultimately the hybrid’s greatest strength. It’s a reliable workhorse no matter how you use it, and it’s earned the nickname Hybrid. The solid battery life – when between 25-30 hours in Bluetooth mode – only reinforces this.

The hybrid is a huge improvement over the H3 and is well worth it if you’re looking for a headset that offers high quality at a low price.

The Epic H3 Hybrid costs £ 149 and can be purchased at the EPOS website.

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