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Best PS4 Detective Games – The best mystery adventures you can get on PS4

Best PS4 detective games

Best PS4 detective games – When it comes to games on your PS4 (and PS5), there are fewer titles that are more fun than detective games. The feeling of tracking down a criminal by uncovering clues and interrogation techniques and then putting it all together is exactly why the detective subgenre has proven so compelling for gamers in recent years. Starting with five titles that are updated on a regular basis (i.e. whenever more decent detective games come out) we’ll let you know what the best PS4 detective games are.

Best PS4 detective games

Best PS4 Detective Games:

The activity

Set in North West England in 1987, The Occupation poses the players as an investigative reporter investigating a shadowy corporation attempting to undo a number of civil liberties that were enshrined in law.

Before you point your finger at the big wigs behind this conspiracy, however, you need to have enough evidence to back up your claims, and this is where The Occupation really shines.

Best PS4 detective games The Occupation

Gamers can rummage through offices to uncover incriminating files, sneak through air vents into prohibited areas, and hack computers for useful information, all of which can be used in the final interview with those in power.

The trick, however, is that time never stops and people follow their own schedules and activities accordingly; That forces you to do much more careful planning. The cast is well worth the price of entry (and especially now that a number of patches have fixed many of the issues that were there when it was released).

The sinking city

From the same people who brought us the hugely entertaining Sherlock Holmes games, The Sinking City brings the considerable talent of developer Frogwares to Lovecraft.

Best PS4 detective games The Sinking City

As a private investigator from the 1920s dispatched to the mysterious, semi-submerged city of Oakmont in the eastern United States, players are tasked with investigating the gruesome murders and overtly cultic behaviors that many of its residents seem to display .

With a huge open world for players to explore, a revamped combat system (which has improved a lot since its release), and a dash of thick Lovecraft filth and horror, The Sinking City is an easy pick for anyone who wants to marry their love of detective work would like horror inspired by Eldritch.

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Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn does not differ from any other game in this function. Set in the deepest and darkest Falmouth in the early 19th century, Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person detective adventure in which players act as insurance investigators for the East India Trading Company – what about your job? To investigate the Obra Dinn merchant ship, which stalled in Cornish waters and, more importantly, what caused the deaths of all 60 crew members.

Return of the Obra Dinn PS4 Review 1

With the Momento Mori, an arcane compass that allows you to go back to the memories of the dead, not only can you determine who the crew members are from the records, notes, and conversations you’ve heard, but you can also try to find them Way of analyzing in which they perished.

However, where Return of the Obra Dinn really stands out is that it leaves players significant leeway when it comes to judging the identity and fate of each crew member. to put a real premium on logic-based investigations in this process. Add in a stunning 1-bit retro veneer that sets Return of the Obra Dinn apart from everything else on the market and you have a winner.


Judgment, a spin-off from the famous Yakuza series, puts players in the role of Takayuki Yagami, a former high-profile attorney who leads to a brutal replay after his acquittal of a murderer and eventually starts his own detective agency to prosecute the unsavory species lurking in the abdomen of Kamurocho. While Judgment is similar to major yakuza games in many ways, particularly in terms of fighting, mini-games, and the balance of absurd and serious tones, it incorporates a whole new set of mechanics that arguably make it a much more methodical, investigative affair.

The best PS4 detective games

During his investigation, Yagami must speak to witnesses and suspects, use multiple dialogue options to get to the bottom of what they know (or do not know), conduct forensic searches, track down suspects, and use evidence to prove guilt. So Judgment is a decidedly more action-packed proposition than many of the other offerings on this list, but its Tokyo attitude combined with its detective mechanics still makes it absolutely irresistible.

LA Noire

Although Rockstars LA Noire has already made the rounds on the trusty PS3, the subsequent remastering on PS4 opened it up to a whole new audience. LA Noire is a violent crime thriller set in the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age and casts the players as LAPD detective Cole Phelps; an ambitious detective who gradually peeled back the glamorous splendor of Hollywood to reveal its shady shadows.

Best PS4 detective games LA Noire

With the combination of third-person driving, shooting, pointing and deep interrogation elements, LA Noire deserves its place on this list, not least because it’s the only game on the market right now that manages to bring post-war Los Angeles to life bright. With photo-realistic faces, detailed environments, and a superb historical atmosphere, LA Noire also looks better than ever, as the PS4 Pro version of the game supports 4K resolution.

Murdered – Soul Suspect

If you can forgive the rough presentation of Murdered: Soul Suspect, you will find much to love in its dark and haunting tale of a detective seeking justice beyond the grave. Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of the most unique detective games out there, in which players try to solve their own afterlife murder by influencing individuals and real-world environments.

Best PS4 detective games Murdered Soul Suspect

In today’s Salem (a fittingly daunting place, if there ever was one for supernatural detective thread), players must own the living to read their minds, discover new clues, and even speak to the dead to move the story forward. Murdered: Soul Suspect is an extremely entertaining detective adventure for would-be detectives who like to add a supernatural flair to their cases.

Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments

It was only a matter of time before the pride of 221b Baker Street found its way onto Sony’s home console, and in Sherlock Holmes – Crimes & Punishments, its debut is high caliber indeed. Harnessing the almost superhuman cognitive abilities of Sherlock Holmes, players must solve six very different cases that take them across Victorian London.

Best PS4 detective games Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments

In Crimes & Punishments, players channeling every bit of the antics of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective must explore the nooks and crannies of Victorian London for clues and question potential suspects. Things get particularly neat, however, in the unique interrogation sequences that allow players to use Sherlock’s heightened awareness and attention to detail to spot small details on their suspects, such as frayed threads on a shirt or dirty fingernails for theirs Survey.

Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter

Frogwares’ second Sherlock Holmes title to be released on PS4, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter took the London detective on a supernatural excursion as he investigated an occult secret that has far-reaching implications for the people of the city.

Best PS4 detective games Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter brings back the core investigation and exploration systems from the previous game and sets it apart from the first game by giving players a lot more freedom to explore not only the streets of London, but also the sheer amount of action -Sequences it has on offer; includes everything from fistfighting to a harrowing escape from a burning building. Oh, and for some reason, Sherlock looks * just like * Mad Men actor Jon Hamm too.

The Raven Remastered

A resolutely colorful and sometimes downright cheerful detective adventure, The Raven Remastered throws the players back to the 1960s and casts them as Swiss Constable Anton Jakob Zellner, a long-time police officer who has to track down the title Raven – a murder and world-famous master thief.

Best PS4 detective games The Raven Remastered

As a leisurely but fun proposition, The Raven Remastered is an appealing title for both loyal PS4 detectives and newbies, offering a beautifully composed orchestral soundtrack, some great puzzles, and a decent, long mystery with a great ending. If you’re feeling like getting into detective games on your PS4 but aren’t sure where to start, there could be far worse things to do than spend some sleepy weekend afternoons with The Raven Remastered.

What are some of your favorite PS4 detective games? Let us know in the comments below!

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