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Battlefield 2042 development issues caused the beta to malfunction

the Battlefield 2042 Beta left many gamers disappointed as it appeared to be missing several features of the game along with some performance issues. According to EA, this was because the build was several months old. However, renowned Battlefield Leaker Tom Henderson claims the beta build wasn’t as old as first suggested. Instead, the apology was given because DICE is having stability issues with its game builds and development Battlefield 2042 is in trouble.

In a post before the Battlefield 2042 Beta went live on October 6th, the EA DICE team explained how the beta “was phased out from our full release client a few months ago and polished and improved to provide a great snapshot of the full gaming experience you will have. when the game starts ”. in November. “The problem was that this build had several issues, including one that didn’t even let some players past the home screen and another where some game effects resulted in flashing lights that had the potential to trigger light-sensitive conditions The functionality of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller was also not fully supported, something that “is otherwise currently being developed and tested for possible future inclusion.” This statement suggests that Battlefield 2042 will not have DualSense features at startup and may never get them.

Several developers have reportedly spoken to Henderson about the age of the beta build. Although the exact dates are conflicting, the earliest date was August 19th, rather than what EA and DICE claimed to be “a few months”. Henderson claims multiple sources also told him that “DICE has major stability issues with builds of the game” and this has prevented them from releasing gameplay material to the public.

Management issues are reportedly the cause of Battlefield 2042 Development issues. If some key management metrics Battlefield 2042 from Star Wars Battlefront II, They were reportedly “not engaged enough” in the project. A lot of inspiration seems to have been drawn from it Call of Duty Modern Warfarewhat to some of the typical Battlefield Features, such as the class system to be removed from Battlefield 2042. Problems brought to management should also “fall on deaf ears”.

It can not be denied Battlefield 2042 Development has its problems. The PS5 technical test was canceled and both the game and its beta were delayed, which EA said was due to issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Battlefield 2042 The final mode, Hazard Zone, is slated to be unveiled on October 14th, and many teammates hope it will rekindle interest in the game, at least for some players who have been discouraged by the beta. Battlefield 2042 is expected to be released on November 19th.

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