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30 year old clip shows the evolution of Mortal Kombat Scorpion

Mortal Kombat and the phrase COMES OVER HERE! are practically synonymous. The famous Scorpio quote comes with his spear move that is not complete in any game in the series.

The original game was released in 1992, but development began 30 years ago. To celebrate the occasion, co-creator Ed Boon posted a clip on Twitter showing how Scorpion’s spear train was brought to life back then. Listen.

The full nine-part thread is well worth reading as it provides insight into the challenges of video game development at a time when you never ran out of memory.

“We had so little memory that we didn’t even capture movements for victim reactions,” Boon said in a tweet. “Instead, we borrowed from their existing animation frames. You can hear us talk about reusing one of the victim’s ‘knockdown’ animations when the spear hits them for the first time. “

Reusing animation was one of “many tricks” that developers have used to save memory.

Boon teased that he was going to party Mortal Kombat30th anniversary by releasing more “fly-on-the-wall” clips like the one above. Fans hope that more is planned for the occasion, such as the announcement of a new title. However, we would not recommend holding your breath at this point.

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