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Ubisoft will be removing the original Rocksmith early next week

According to a new Ubisoft blog, the original Rocksmith will be removed from the list early next week and will no longer be available for purchase. You can no longer buy the game on Steam, the Xbox Marketplace, or the PlayStation Store. That news comes less than a month after the publisher announced a postponement of its new Rocksmith + service to 2022.

Originally released in 2011, Rocksmith was a tool for teaching people to play guitar and bass with the real instruments, a nice alternative to products like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Those who want to learn from this particular version of Rocksmith must purchase it by October 17th. Here is Ubisoft’s announcement of the cancellation:

“One of the unique aspects of the Rocksmith Method was the ability to learn and play along with official master recordings of your favorite songs. However, as of October 17, 2021, Rocksmith (2011) will no longer be available in digital storefronts. Shortly afterwards, Rocksmith (2011) DLC will also be removed. “

The aforementioned DLC songs (and any song packs that contain these songs will no longer be available in November, but the exact dates are not yet known. These are the songs that will be removed from the list next month (Xbox 360 DLC will be removed from the list earlier on October 17th):

  • · Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Free Bird”
  • · Radiohead – “Bodysnatchers”
  • · The black keys – “Tighten Up”
  • · Boston – “More than a feeling”
  • · Deep Purple – “smoke on the water”
  • · The Allman Brothers Band – “Jessica”
  • · T. Rex – “Boy of the 20th Century”
  • · Three days of grace – “I hate everything about you”
  • · Vampire weekend – “Cousins”

To be clear, if you own any of this content, Rocksmith (2011), or the DLC songs above, you can keep playing and learning with the game after the delisting date. You can also re-download the products as long as they are in your purchase history or library. And this delisting only affects the first Rocksmith release. Subsequent editions such as Rocksmith Remastered from 2014 are still available and your Rocksmith (2011) content can be imported.

The discontinuation coincides with Rocksmith’s tenth anniversary, which launched on October 18, 2011. If your math is as good as mine, you can probably tell that Ubisoft had licensing agreements for a decade and the inclusion time was up in the base product. Whether or not my assumption is correct does not change the fact that we are losing the availability of this early version of Rocksmith. Those who are interested in seeing the development of the series version by version will no longer be able to pick it up digitally after Sunday. Even those with a disc copy of Rocksmith must register before the October 17th deadline.

Rocksmith isn’t the only game to be taken off the list later this week. Rockstar has also announced that prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, all existing versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas will be withdrawn from digital marketplaces.

Still using Rocksmith’s OG edition? How does this affect your learning to play guitar? Are you concerned about how such games will be kept in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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