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Moncage is a Perspective Puzzler available for Android next month

A lot of the puzzle games on the Play Store are pretty boring, asking you to match things up or pop things and not much else. Moncage seems to be doing things differently when it lands on Android next month.

The game is all about shifting the perspective of the title cage and viewing its strange, perspective-defying content from different angles to create connections and solve puzzles.

It looks damn fancy from what we’ve seen. Most of what we’ve seen is in the trailer we embedded below, so why not take a look and see what you think.

Under your riddle is a touching story that revolves around a son and his father. It all feels like an enigmatic classic is waiting, which makes us even happier that it’s coming next month.

When next month? 11/16, to be precise. If it lands on the Play Store, it’s a premium game and costs $ 4.99, which seems like a good price to us.

We’ll let you know if we hear more about Moncage – pre-registration details and the like – before it hits the market. You can learn more about the game on his Twitter account here.

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