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Major Call of Duty anti-cheat reveal is coming tomorrow

As one of the largest and most successful gaming franchises in the world, call of Duty suffers from a number of bad actors who choose to ruin others’ experience by cheating. This has become particularly noticeable in the course of cross-play games by PC players against consoles as well as free-to-play games War zone to open up the experience to even more players. Much of the battles so far have been painfully reactive, like scooping water from the sinking Titanic with a soup bowl, but Activision and the various call of Duty Developers are planning a major update for Call of Dutys Anti-cheat systems with the start of the next game, vanguard, on November 5th And it looks like we’ll find out more about it tomorrow.

In a tweet from the official call of Duty Twitter account, they said that there is “no tolerance for scammers” and that they are not welcome there call of Duty Games. “You will soon know what we mean,” ends the message with the caption “See you tomorrow”.

You can read the message in full below:

Dear cheaters,

We love games. It is our passion. We’re honored to make games for the world’s greatest fans. We don’t always do everything right, but we strive to do our best.

Cheating ruins the fun for everyone. Nobody likes cheaters. Our goal is to provide an entertaining and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For our fans. And most importantly … for Call of Duty players everywhere.

Scammers are not welcome. Scammers will not be tolerated and you will soon know what we mean.

call of Duty

The “See you tomorrow” heading on the tweet seems to suggest that fans will learn a lot more about the call of Duty Anti-cheat efforts sometime tomorrow, but what exactly we will learn at this point is not known yet. Obviously, they aren’t going to want to give too much away – after all, hiding things ensures fraudsters can’t bypass their existing systems – but it’s likely that we’ll at least hear something about what bans will work and what they’re going to do around it Stop scammers from simply creating new accounts War zone.

Raven and Sledgehammer have a robust anti-cheat system for. promised War zone and vanguard when the new game comes out next month. console call of Duty Players have been facing more face-to-face cheaters lately as cross-play has added PC players to the pool (cheating tends to occur on PCs where it is much easier for cheat makers to change / modify the game files chop). Fraud has become one of the loudest criticisms of call of Duty Fans and professionals, many of whom have stopped playing completely War zone about the blatant scammers that appear to be in virtually every game. Activision, Sledgehammer, and Raven have had ailments resolving for well over a year and have plenty of what is said tomorrow and implementing those anti-cheat systems when the time comes vanguard November start.

Call of Duty: Vanguard starts on November 5th. A brand new Pacific War zone map will replace Verdansk shortly afterwards.

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