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Introduction to Video Game Photography – A New Podcast From Game Informer!

Most gaming podcasts these days do the same thing: summarize the news and talk about the big releases of the week. There’s nothing wrong with that, but our love of games isn’t tied to a release schedule. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual gamer who only has time for a select number of games a year, the reason you fell in love with this medium is because you loved a game first. We’d like to bring the focus back to some of our favorite franchises, examine how they have changed over the years, and examine why they have shaped the industry.

Video Gameography is an ongoing podcast. Each season we’ll explore a new franchise and why it’s so important. In each episode, we examine one game in this series (starting with the first entry), talk about its lore, production history, and the impact it has had on players.

There’s no shortage of great industry franchises to hopefully cover: God of War, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Doom, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, etc. However, our first season is focused on Nintendo’s iconic Metroid franchise. Did you know that the iconic Samus big shoulder design is due to the limitations of the Game Boy? Or that it was originally named after the legendary football legend Pele? Or that Metroid Fusion is the only game in the franchise that can be completed with a zero accumulation percentage?

Join hosts, Ben Reeves, Marcus Stewart, and a collection of rotating guests as we investigate your favorite game franchises. From October 16, new episodes will be released every Saturday. It will be a wild ride.

For more Game Informer podcasts, check out the GI Show, which has weekly news and full details on the major game releases, and All Things Nintendo, hosted by Brian Shea, who delves into Nintendo’s game library every week.

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