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Fortnite invites Among Us to work on the Twitter response

Fortnite invited Among Us developer InnerSloth to collaborate on “Something Funny” on a Twitter thread today.

After Epic accidentally praised Among Us for inspiring the game mode of Fortnite’s Impostors, he went on to mention the game in a tweet that caught the attention of his social team. After Among Us responded with an ‘eyes’ emoji, Fortnite responded, stating that they had “something we’d like to ask you”.

After Fortnite invited Among Us to work on “something fun” together, the two popular games led the conversation to private direct messages where details could be arranged. It’s currently unclear if this interaction was random and unplanned, or if it was a teaser for something that has been in the works for months. Rumors of a Fortnite collaboration with Among Us have been circulating online since the Impostors game mode first released earlier this year in August.

We will keep you informed if more information becomes available.

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