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Fortnite finally credits us in an update of its new “Impostors mode”

[Update: Tue 12th Oct, 2021 15:15 BST]

Epic Games has now officially credited Among Us developer Innersloth in an update to Fortnite’s Impostors mode. On their blog, the text describes Impostors as “the game mode that was inspired by Among Us from Innersloth”.


This is likely welcome news to Innersloth, although it may be there from them that the updated text has been added. When the news first broke, some of the individual Innersloth team members expressed disappointment at the lack of credit.

Note: Adriel Wallick’s tweet refers to a memeized comic from Nedroid in which one character acknowledges the creation of another.

[Original: Tue 17th Aug, 2021 18:30 BST]

Fortnite has never shied away from its pop culture credentials (and stealing things from other creators), so it’s not very surprising that their new mode, Fortnite Impostors, offers a bit of both.

The mode is … well, it’s very similar to Among Us: Up to ten players are assigned either an agent or a cheat role, with agents having to complete assignments to keep the bridge running, and cheaters try to gain by sabotaging orders. Teleporting players and manipulating people into thinking they are agents too. Scammers can even get jobs done to appear less suspicious.

Of course, voice chat is disabled, but there is still a text chat that you can communicate with in emotes or via the quick chat menu.

Fortnite scammers
Image: Epic Games

Oh, what if you find out who the scammers are? You just call an emergency meeting – uh, “Force a discussion” by either reporting a corpse or pressing “Discussion” mode in the central room. You’ll then have to evict the suspect from The Bridge, but if it’s indeed an agent, you’ve just made the scammers’ job easier.

Agents can win by doing all of their jobs or deselecting all scammers, and scammers can win by eliminating all agents.

If you’ve always wanted to play among us, but with more dance emotes and less permission from the original developers, now is the time: Fortnite Impostors is out today.

Stealing is bad, but what do you think of Fortnite’s less than original Impostors mode? Let us know in the comments.


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