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Do not touch this button! (Nintendo Switch)

Do not touch this button! is one of those games where my first impressions after watching the trailer matched those I felt after playing the game. The trailer made it look like this was going to be a pretty average first-person puzzle game, and that’s exactly what I found in the end.

Do not touch this button! has one main rule: don’t do what the computer in the room tells you to do. For example: if it says press the right button, you must press the left button to continue. The game rarely deviates from this idea, as only a handful of levels don’t have a computer telling you what not to do. The puzzles are pretty simple, and no room feels more than passable. I didn’t find any of them smart; they just do what they have to do. It gave me a strong “flash game” feel to his ideas.

There’s really not much else to say not to touch this button! except that there are a handful of mishaps I’ve encountered. Most of these were little more than a minor mistake, but some were quite groundbreaking, to both your advantage and your disadvantage. For the benefit, you can throw boxes right through gates that usually require you to solve a puzzle to open and press the buttons they guard to complete the levels with ease. You can also build glitch boxes in the coming rooms. As for the cons, moving blocks occasionally jump out and become immobile, typically forcing the level to restart. And you can throw boxes you need through walls, which in turn can force a level reset.

Do not touch this button altogether! is incredibly average. Nothing raises it above average, and a few bugs push it a little lower. If you’re looking for an average budget 3D puzzle game to kill an hour, here it is.

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