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DC Dual Force is a digital collectible card game coming to Android next year

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Yuke’s have announced that a brand new trading card game from DC Comics will be coming to Android next year. It’s called DC Dual Force, and it will feature a slew of superheroes and villains, but in card form.

Apparently, the game will draw on 80 years of DC lore, telling stories based on some of the most popular comic book stories from those eight decades.

There wasn’t much information in the press release announcing the game, but luckily there was a trailer or we’d have to come up with a header to split the top and bottom three paragraphs. What a blessing.

It looks like you’re building a deck out of two heroes, which doesn’t sound like a deck to us very much, but there could be other cards in the background for you to play. As I said, not a lot of information.

We know the game will be free to play, and we know it will be released in the third quarter of 2022. That’s quite a long time in the future, we could all be flying around in hover cars by then.

There will also be regular content drops based on stories in the comics. We will let you know in the coming months as soon as we learn more about DC Dual Force. You can learn more about the game on its official website by clicking here.

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