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Corpse Party on the way to modern platforms with expanded story content and new characters

Just in time for Halloween, the cult classic Corpse Party is back in the spotlight. The 16-bit horror title, in which a group of young students is picked up by all sorts of ghouls and ghosts, goes to modern platforms with additional content.

This re-release is simply referred to as the Corpse Party (2021). It contains all the content and five main chapters of the original (ie the game that appeared in North America from 2011), but ties in with 16 “Extra Chapters” that expand the story and offer full Japanese voice overs for the first time. The game also includes a couple of episodes that add two new characters and storylines.

If you’re new to Corpse Party, it’s a choice-based adventure game in which you’ll lead a group of school kids through their now haunted elementary school after an occult ritual goes wrong. Your decisions affect who leaves the building in one piece, and there are a wealth of outcomes, many of which are gruesome. Don’t be fooled by the innocent look of the corpse party; it can startle you in ways you might not expect. While horror is the star of the show, getting to know the stories and interpersonal relationships of the unhappy teens is also a selling point. We scored 8 out of 10 in our 2011 PSP Port review, with reviewer Phil Kollar saying, “If you appreciate bloody splatter festivals from the theaters, this is a forbidden ancient ritual that you should participate in.”

If you’re looking for another spooky title to add to your Halloween rotation, find this polished corpse party on October 20th on Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. You can buy it for $ 19.99, and the PC version comes bundled with the original Corpse Party. Speaking of which, if you already own the old version of Corpse Party or decide to buy this new one, you can get the opposite version with 25% discount only on Steam and GOG.

Are Corpse Party fans interested in revisiting this extended edition? If you’ve been curious about the franchise, does that convince you to finally pull the trigger? Let us know in the comments!

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