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Top 10 Jobs in the Mobile Game Industry | Pocket Gamer.biz

Supercell, King, Zynga and Rovio

Top 10 jobs in the mobile games industry this week

A job search can be a long and arduous process in which you venture from job board to job board, sometimes not even knowing which positions there are.

Coupled with the difficulties in the labor markets over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling with knowing where to start.

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Every Monday morning at PocketGamer.biz, we’ll be shedding light on the diverse reservoir of positions in the game industry, from industry-leading game developers to indie studios currently looking for the next shining star to join their team.

This week we’ve rounded up 10 great spots currently available from industry-leading mobile game developers around the world, including:

  • Super cell
  • king
  • Zynga and
  • Rovio

You can also visit our job board to find a more general selection of open positions that are now on offer.

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  • Super cell

    Supercell logo

    Job title: Game management

    Location: Helsinki, Finland

    Job description: We are looking for a GM to control and run a new Supercell game that is still in development – a game that will hopefully be one of our next live games that will entertain tens of millions of players worldwide.

    As a game lead at Supercell, you have to be a strategic, long-term visionary who not only understands the product, but also game development and building and exciting game communities for years to come.

    You are a great communicator and collaborator, and a solid leader. We’re looking for a seasoned executive with long-term growth rather than short-term business success who will drive the game team to grow together. It’s important that you have a passion for games, that you know how game development works and how to make gamers happy.

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  • Pocket Gemstones

    Pocket Gems logo

    Job title: Main character artist

    Location: California, USA

    Job description: As the lead character artist at Pocket Gems, you will lead the character design department at Pocket Gems.

    The lead character artist will direct and create the character and vehicle production of an all new, high quality, stylized casual title. As you work with our art directors and concept artists, you will help develop the visual style and direction of the game based on the concept.

    Senior character modelers will be a pillar of the team and determine the quality of the art team and make a significant contribution to it. Candidates bring their extensive work experience with modeling / sculpting tools to the table to achieve unique and stylized characters.

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  • Jam City

    Jam City logo

    Job title: Associate Content Designer

    Location: California, USA

    Job description: We are looking for a versatile associate content designer with a sophisticated eye for interior design content and an interest in mobile games / technology. If you are successful in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, you might be the right choice.

    As an Associate Content Designer, you will support the content team in the implementation. You are responsible for supporting the content pipeline and making sure the game vision is fulfilled. Her main focus is on content coordination for daily live gaming operations with the aim of increasing sales, engagement and user satisfaction. This is an exciting opportunity for seasoned candidates with a passion for content creation and production.

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  • Rovio

    Rovio logo

    Job title: Senior VFX artist

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Job description: We are looking for a talented VFX artist to join our multinational arts team to work on multiple projects including the hugely successful Angry Birds 2.

    We’d love to see our team members bring their own creative vision into everything they do. If this describes you, this is a great opportunity to work with skilled staff in a fun and creative environment, contribute to compelling new products, and showcase your work to a global audience.

    As a VFX artist, you are at the forefront of technical solutions and optimizations to find the balance between quality and efficiency. You will be responsible for developing a modular pipeline and workflow that we can use for all of our upcoming and existing games, and will work closely with the project leaders and the art director.

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  • NetEase

    NetEase logo

    Job title: Senior project manager

    Location: Edinburgh, UK

    Job description: NetEase is looking for a senior project manager to manage the development of some of our partner studios’ most popular games.

    As a lead project manager, you will work with various NetEase teams to encourage collaboration and communication and guide the game in achieving its strategic goals. You are responsible for building strong relationships with diverse teams and stakeholders in order to achieve a common strategic vision. They work with key disciplines like art, design, QA, and business to ensure that the game is executed on schedule and to a high quality.

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  • Zynga

    Zynga logo

    Job title: Community manager

    Location: London / Brighton, UK

    Job description: As the Community Manager, you will act as a vital link between the studio and our community for the recently announced Star Wars: Hunters.

    You spend your time building strong relationships with players and using their feedback to guide our internal development efforts. Since social media and community play an important role in the game’s marketing approach, you are responsible for our player-centric community reach as the voice of the game for our players.

    Apply here

  • king

    King logo

    Job title: Audio software engineer

    Location: Several

    Job description: We are looking for an experienced audio software engineer to provide the sound for our world-leading mobile games.

    You are responsible for the implementation of audio content as well as the development of audio tools and technologies for the current and next generation of gaming.

    You will work closely with the sound designers, but also with the game designers and developers of various teams and games, to implement the foundation to support our in-house game audio engine and all audio aspects to ensure the best sound quality and interactivity.

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  • Miniclip

    Miniclip logo

    Job title: Game data analyst

    Location: Lisbon, Portugal

    Job description: We are pleased to welcome another brilliant game data analyst to our business intelligence team.

    Have you ever wondered why people play games? Are you the type of person who wants to understand not only what people are doing, but why they are doing it? Can you turn that knowledge into actionable insights that make our games more fun? That kind of curiosity and initiative is what we expect from an ideal game data analyst at Miniclip.

    At Miniclip, you work with producers to understand overall player performance and behavior to provide insights that shape the roadmap of our popular in-house games. You can work with our game designers to optimize the functionality of the new games and work with our developers and data engineers to collect all the data you need.

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  • Ubisoft Mobile

    Ubisoft Mobile logo

    Job title: Game economy designer

    Location: Montreuil, France

    Job description: The Ubisoft Paris Mobile studio is looking for a game economy designer to design and balance the F2P functions, systems and mechanisms of our new project. Your main goal will be to develop innovative features that improve acquisition, retention, engagement, retention and monetization of our players.

    Within the studio, you will work under the responsibility of the lead game designer in close collaboration with the various teams involved in the project.

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  • Roblox

    Roblox logo

    Job title: Senior Mobile Software Engineer

    Location: California, USA

    Job description: As a Senior Mobile Software Engineer on the Notification Platform team, you will lead mobile development for our notification platform, which enables Roblox teams and developers to easily build respectful and relevant notification experiences. This includes mobile push notifications, in-app, in-game, messaging, email and SMS.

    Through notifications, we enable other teams to reach our millions of users through multiple delivery channels while ensuring the best possible user experience. If you’re an engineer passionate about building scalable platforms with an impact on the whole business, join the notification team. This role reports to the engineering manager of the growth platform team.

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