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The new world’s most unfair weapon of war could be its banhammer

New World offers the ability for factions to declare war on one another in order to conquer territory, but a weapon apparently used to win those wars should break Aeturnum’s version of the Geneva Convention – the game’s prohibition tools. Crowds of gamers report that they were banned right before a limited-time war, with Amazon giving mixed news about why (or even if) this might be the case.

A quick look at the New World subreddit and New World forums reveals several topics on the subject, some of which stretch back into the past. The issues tend to slam in similar directions – players complain that they received 24-hour bans shortly before a war, despite claiming they didn’t break any rules. In many cases, the targeted groups of players appear to be the highest levels of their society (the groups that can participate in wars).

The result is that corporations enter wars without key members of their armed forces, resulting in unjust territorial losses. Many gamers who report random bans attribute this to mass reports from hostile companies using an automatic ban system that victims claim. This seemed to be confirmed by a customer service representative for the game:

This reaction led many to feel that the case was closed and that Amazon needed to tweak its ban tools to stop unfair use before wars. Confusingly, however, other members of the Amazon team have since stated that there are no automatic bans. As PC Gamer points out, an individual posting is on the official New World Twitter account said that every report they made following allegations of unfair moderation contained code of conduct violations. However, in further interactions with Amazon customer service, it appears that it was mentioned that 24-hour bans are being automated in some way.

The mixed news has created confusion in the community, not least because bans themselves often contain little information about why they were distributed – something community manager NW_Mugsy has suggested as a solution. We contacted Amazon Games for an explanation of what happened and if any changes will be made.

Whatever the cause or the reasoning, it’s another teething problem for Amazon’s immensely popular new MMO. After huge server queues and an apparent U-turn that allows players to switch which regions to play in, the supposed mass ban is just the latest in frustration for would-be explorers on Aeturnum.

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