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Monster Evolution Strategy Guide – Smash your enemies with these hints, tips and cheats

Monster Evolution is a game about empowering a cute living being and turning it into an unstoppable killing machine. It’s broken into different sections, and while it’s simple enough, there are some parts that get tricky if you don’t know one hundred percent what you should be doing.

That is why we wrote this guide. We’ve been playing Monster Evolution for quite some time and we’ve figured out what we think are the strategies that will help you get the most out of the experience.

Maybe you are preparing for your first evolution, or maybe you have knocked a hundred gorillas into the ocean – anyway, there will be something here to take your game to the next level. So let’s do that – here are the best hints, tips, and cheats for Monster Evolution.

Eat all you can

Make sure to eat everything in the first section of the level to get as strong as possible. Just because the gate is open doesn’t mean you have to go. Eat every last bite before you start running down the track.

Dodge the missiles

Watch out for the missiles that are fired along the way. Sometimes you will get hit by them, but you should do everything in your power to escape them as they will take chunks of your health bar and end up leaving you in a weaker state -fighting at eye level.

Make the most of your last tap

After throwing your enemy into the air, you’ll have the option of one final tap to shoot them even further into the ocean. You can use it to hit a target to earn more coins or get a higher multiplier. While they’re still in the air, don’t tap as they approach the large splash.

Use the boosts

At the beginning of each level you can watch videos to increase your strength. They are well worth using, especially if you choose the weapons that will last until you unlock a new monster. Use the boosts wisely and you will be getting high scores in no time.

What are the coins used for?

You can spend them on different types of food and new monsters in the shop at the start of each level. You’ll also unlock new goodies just by playing, so don’t worry too much about increasing your coin collection by watching videos.

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