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Mobile Marketing Is Critical In The Post-COVID-19 Era | Pocket Gamer.biz

The world has entered the post-COVID-19 era starting in 2021, when people are getting used to working, entertaining, and living online.

As a result, there is tremendous demand for online services and the growing competition in the market, which also makes mobile marketing crucial.

According to the Global Mobile App Marketing WhitePaper for the first half of 2021 compiled by SocialPeta, the world’s leading platform for the analysis of advertising information, a total of over 38,000 advertisers in global mobile games were registered at the beginning of this year, essentially unchanged from the previous year.

In contrast, nearly 20 million ad creatives were captured in the first six months of 2021, an increase of more than 180 percent over the same period last year.

“In the competition of mobile marketing of the future, it is not only about increasing the amount of advertising, but also about high-quality advertising material,” says SocialPeta CEO Rocks.

With game gamers’ increasing demands on games and the fact that gamers are getting tired of too much advertising data, it is vital for game publishers to have high quality, creative, and eye-catching ads.

“Increase in brand awareness and sales” has become a unique standard for marketing mobile games. Efficient advertising media are the key to a high advertising impact.

The mobile marketing competition of the future is not only about increasing the advertising volume, but also about high-quality advertising material.

SocialPeta CEO, Rocks

Rocks says, “SocialPeta currently has over 10 billion ad data spanning more than 70 mainstream channels in 66 countries / regions around the world, including Facebook and Google Ads. This huge amount of data is a great source of inspiration for our users.” . “

Offer games with a long lifecycle to stay competitive by combining continuous advertising

In 2021, after being released many years ago, many mobile games have performed great thanks to good advertisements.

Gardenscapes, for example, a globally popular 3-in-a-row game that was released in 2016 and has been operating steadily for five years, had total global income of over $ 3 billion by August 2021. Gardenscapes has a strategy of producing high-efficiency ads. To date, it has accumulated around 100,000 cumulative ads in total, with the “mini-game” type having inspired other developers and publishers around the world.

Simulated Life Games are a genre that also requires long-term operation as the game is constantly updated and it takes a continuous stream of new players to join the audience.

Edwin, IGG’s Executive Director of Global Operations, said, “To be among the global leaders in the face of fierce competition in the marketplace, games must be of excellent quality and produced to a high standard in terms of visual effects, gameplay, category innovation, operation and maintenance , and so on. In the meantime, release strategies should be devised for specific game subdivisions, including, but not limited to, custom localization solutions, targeting, and content refinement based on game genres. “

SocialPeta increases the competitive advantage of your games in the global game publishing market

In 2020, SocialPeta entered into a partnership with Moonton, the developer of the world-famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”.

The company said, “SocialPeta updates promotional materials very quickly so we can find out the creativity of top games in different categories in the market and keep track of what is currently trending in promotional materials. This not only expands our creative ideas for advertising but also controls our costs and increases our impact. If anyone asks, we will definitely recommend this tool to others. “

SohaGame, one of the most popular game publishers in Vietnam, said, “SocialPeta offers ad creation and market trend analysis. With SocialPeta we can have high quality ads and reduced cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per installation (CPI). Indicators that can be easily applied to the international market to attract more potential customers.

It also changes UA strategies for games. So instead of spending a lot of money testing different ads, we get lots of opportunities to improve advertising effectiveness and more reference data to analyze effectiveness and learn about our competitors’ advertising. “

In addition to the latest popular creatives, SocialPeta also helps developers and publishers quickly understand global mobile marketing patterns and help users find inspiration and new creative ideas.


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