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Ask us anything: ask your questions for our next issue

Each month, Game Informer prints questions submitted by readers via email and standard mail. We would like to give our website readers the opportunity to create the magazine as well.

You will need to log into your GI account and click “OK to Print” for your letter or question to be processed. We would also be happy if you provide your location (city, state or country). We’ll look at the questions and pick a few to include in our next issue, which comes out on October 5th.

In every issue we ask the readers a “question of the month”. For the Saints Row problem that should now land in the mailboxes, we ask …

“How many games do you buy a year?”

You can answer this question and / or add any other feedback you want. Thank you again for all your support over the years and we hope that many of you will have the chance to have your letter printed in one of the next issues!

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