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The Walking Dead female performers love Princess as much as you do

The word “strength” popped up at New York Comic Con 2021 “The Badass Women of.” several times on the Walking Dead“-Plate. That strength manifests itself in different ways for the women who play a number of complex female characters on the series, but one thing everyone shared was their love for the character Princess, which was introduced in season 10 of the flagship series .

Yvette Nicole Brown moderated a virtual panel with women from all three the Walking Dead The current series of the universe: Aliyah Royale (The Walking Dead: Beyond the World), Angela Kang (the Walking Dead Showrunner), Karen David (Fear walking death), Paola Lázaro (the Walking Dead), Alexa Mansour (the Walking Dead: Beyond the world), Jenna Elfmann (Fear walking death), Lauren Cohan (the Walking Dead), Denise Huth (the Walking Dead Producer), Christine Evangelista (Fear walking death), Julia Ormond (The Walking Dead: Beyond the World) and Annet Mahendru (The Walking Dead: Beyond the World).

One thing the entire panel could agree on was how much they all loved Princess, the relative newbie who started out as a comic book fan favorite and has exceeded expectations.

“I’ll fill in here before someone steals Princess,” Cohan said when Brown asked what other character she would like to play besides her own. “In so many years on this series, Paola is portraying one of my favorite characters we’ve ever had. You think if you get this far you will not have someone this smart, optimistic, happy, new, and she does such a good job. It’s so bright. It’s so funny. The way you fumble and trip and fall in love and say the wrong thing? I can’t imagine anyone else doing that of course. “

Julia Ormond jumped in with the praise. “It’s a super brave performance. When you have that character, you have so many colors. Your costume is colorful. The character is colorful. ”

It would be very easy for a character like Princess to stand out so much in the dark universe the Walking Dead that it is distracting. But when Princess stands out, you can’t help but love her for it. Also, according to the theme of the panel, it’s always nice to see a tough female figure who doesn’t necessarily avoid all femininity instead of a traditionally male tough appearance. As much as we love watching characters like Maggie and Carol become cowboys, the Walking Dead Doesn’t appreciate any expression of femininity over another – especially now that there are two spin-offs with even more characters.

“I fell in love with her because she is so vulnerable,” said Lázaro. The actress noted that, much like Princess, she got into trouble when she was younger for voicing her opinion without a filter and advocating what she saw was right. When she was cast, she said at the end of the panel that she had sent the writers a message asking if Princess could be Puerto Rican like herself, rather than a Mexican American as she is written in the comics. “There is already a Mexican-American character who is fantastic and super powerful – this is Rosita. I want to represent other Hispanic Americans. ”The writers agreed, and not only can Lázaro add a little more of himself to the character, but she just exists as a Puerto Rican character on television without constantly reminding the audience who she is.

“There is no one on this planet who could have played princess better,” Brown said later in the panel, bringing things back to this character. “Princess is Lover. ”

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