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Episode 742: Sora and his lawyer join the contractually dictated nonviolence – Radio Free Nintendo

It’s finally here, everyone. And he brought his lawyer friends with him.

Sora is here, and he brought a million pages of contracts and policies!

This week we were accompanied by the self-confessed Kingdom Hearts expert Syrenne McNulty, who explains Sora to us. We never get to the bottom of his lack of fashion consciousness and his nonsensical history, but we can at least put his depiction in Smash in the right context. We are devoting the entire first section to this adventure so that, hopefully, you will learn something you did not already know. Which will be difficult, because as we all know, everyone is actually Sora, including you.

After a break, we dive into new business. Syrenne begins Lost Judgment, the sequel to the spin-off to the Yakuza franchise. This time the world’s worst undercover detective is hanging out with kids. What could go wrong? DLC and the huge amounts of content being banned as DLC could go wrong. Guillaume caught Metroid Fever, which is fatal, but in the meantime he’s playing Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. All the hype surrounding the upcoming Metroid Dread release caught him, so instead of being patient, he’s been playing Metroid. Speaking of the Metroid Dread, Syrenne jumps back to talk about the first few hours of the game. Though technically she wasn’t out here yet, she bought it from the Japanese eShop and had already spent a few hours playing the game. Gregor is Even Play exploration platformer with Castlevania Advance Collection. We knew another Castlevania collection was coming and they definitely picked a timing for it.

This is one last time our appeal for comments on Little King’s Story. We are recording RetroActive on October 14, 2021 from 9:00 p.m. US time. Why the specific time? Because we record your calls live! Join us! Details will be published shortly in an article on the website.

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