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Crystal Dynamics complains of abuse of Avengers XP boosts

Crystal Dynamics has gone to Reddit to condemn harassment and abuse directed against. are directed Marvel’s Avengers Developers like development studio and publisher Square Enix continue to face backlash from the recent microtransactions.

As we reported yesterday Marvel’s Avengers introduced paid XP boosts after promising players-only cosmetic microtransactions prior to the game’s release. Neither company has looked at the backlash yet, but Crystal Dynamics has reminded players that decisions are not made by one person and are often above developer salary levels. In other words, the development team is not responsible for Square Enix’s decisions.

A statement from Crystal Dynamics reads:

We value the Marvel’s Avengers community and want to have an open and healthy dialogue with you (for both criticism and praise). However, harassment will not be tolerated.

Decisions in the studio are not made by one person, but by a group of studio managers. We welcome feedback, but it is inappropriate to target, threaten, or personally attack our community team. You are here to stand up for your causes and give them a voice.

Help us keep the conversations polite and productive as we continue to work to make Marvel’s Avengers a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

Broken promises aside Marvel’s Avengers XP gain was slowed as Crystal Dynamics claimed that players were leveling up too quickly and getting “overwhelmed”. That it ultimately led players to add paid XP boosts that allowed players to do exactly what they shouldn’t be doing is beyond belief. Nonetheless, that decision most likely came from the publisher, and harassment and abuse are inappropriate. Aligning with your wallet remains the best course of action.

[Source: Reddit via MP1st]

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